Smugglers Outpost

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In the Pyrgos Gulf lays the Smuggler Outpost. This once empty piece of ocean, was occupied by a blood diamond trader and instantly becoming a hotspot for the patrolling of the Marine Policing Unit and the Sea Dogs. The civilian boats that used to flock for the warm water is now gone and what lays there is now a stronghold of criminal activity on the sea. No tourist is advised to ever go there, well, not by the government anyway.

The Smugglers Outpost


For the site is now infamous for the blood diamond trading. those interested in making a quick buck, look no further. Blood Diamonds are sold here and just about every known gang, cartel or group of criminal and even past paramilitary organisations are known to have links here. This means its easy to make money but its just as equally easy to lose it here too.

A fair word to those who would dare seek to make profit here, there is no honour among criminals and as such they will happily rat you out for immunity from prosecution.

Blood Diamond Run

Blood Diamond Dump

The run starts at the Blood Diamond Dump where you need to collect the diamonds no pickaxe is needed for this, the blood diamonds can only be stored in land vehicles.

Blood Diamond Cutter

This is where the Blood Diamonds are "processed" by cutting them into fine Blood Diamonds.

Smugglers Outpost

This is the final step of the run and the most likely place to be robbed at, you will have to make runs back and fourth to sell all the Blood diamonds with your boat as the trunk capacity is quite low.

Sell Price

The selling price of Blood Diamonds is dependant on 5 Police Officers being on duty and can be increased even more using the Profession Tab and getting the Girl's Best Friend and Diamond Men skills to increase the profit when selling the Blood Diamonds.

Name Price you Pay (Buy) Amount you get (Sell) Weight Illegal?
Blood Diamond Not Purchasable £6,160 7