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The San Andreas island holds a large number of locations for you to see and explore. Some are listed here, some others maybe shown on your map within the game and others are more secretive; perhaps only being revealed to you by other players for the right incentive or reward. As part of your experience on the RPUK FiveM Server you will come to learn these locations. Some maybe obvious what they're for, where as others might need you to explore and do your own research into what goes on at the more discrete places on the map.

Player Owned Businesses

Introduced to provide a wider role for players to get involved in influencing the economy, player owned businesses are allocated by the LS City Council based on applications received earlier in 2021. Each type of business has different purposes and work slightly differently. With prices chosen by the business it's down to the owner to ensure they are competitively priced, advertising on Tweedle and encouraging drivers to deliver stock to their stores.

General Stores

There are a number of stores placed around the island of San Andreas, highlighted on your map as green shopping baskets. Some are 24/7 Stores, some others might be petrol stations, pawnshops or other brands. With the exception of pawnshops (which are manually stocked but has no limits on the type of item they can sell), the other stores can order and sell certain types of stock for their business which can then be delivered by players.

GTA Simeons Dealership.png

Car Dealerships

Another type of store that relies on players delivering stock. Although likely far more limited due to limited stock available, car dealerships are your first point of call when looking to buy a new vehicle. Each dealership caters for a different type of vehicle. This is where you might be lucky to be the first owner of an 'import', the name given to addon vehicles of real-life car brands which can look far better than a GTA vehicle but can also be quite rare too. Be prepared to pay the price for an import, however. For those wanting something cheaper, dealerships can stock regular vehicles too. If you speak to the dealership owner may they may be able to order certain vehicles in stock for you as well.

LS Harbour.png

Fishing Store & Boat Dealership

A popular income for many players is fishing. With its previous location getting too busy to remain safe the LS City Council built a new fishing store at a different position - featuring its own boat parking and pier. At a separate location is the boat dealership where you will be able to purchase yourself a brand new vessel; be it for pleasure or business there is a good range of boats available to meet your needs.

GTA Nightclub vanilla unicorn.jpg

Nightclubs & Bars

If working through the week has been a struggle, then arranging to go out socialising with friends or work colleagues at one of the various nightclub and bars across the city may be the best place to wind down and relax. Quite often afterparties and events are arranged at these locations and often see a good turnout of players. Keep an eye out on Tweedle for information on future events.



If bread and water is becoming a bit too bland then you have a choice of restaurants around the town. for something a bit more appetising They can be found on the map by a small flame icon.



After the NHS decided to remove the pharmacies from inside the hospitals, a number of new premises were required. The pharmacies are overseen by the NHS and it is here you will need to acquire medical items to heal any wounds you have or rectify any other ailments you might have.

Other Retail & Commercial Locations

There are some other locations where you can pay for a service or purchase goods that are not currently owned or maintained by players.


LS Country Club.png

Los Santos Country Club

The Country Club is an elegant location in the North West of the city, fenced off from the mild chaos that occurs outside.

GTA Diamond Casino.png

Diamond Casino

Fancy your luck at gambling? Head here to have a go at slot machines, blackjack or the lucky wheel.

Remember, when the fun stops - stop! Billions have been lost inside the walls of this building and no doubt a number of regretable decisions.

GTA LegionSquare.jpg

Legion Square

A landmark and center point of the city. You will find this as a common location for people to gather in events such as protests, memorials or other gatherings. There is a Fleeca bank

Government Facilities

GTA City Hall 1.jpg

Los Santos City Hall

The home to the LS City Council. This is also the location where you can purchase various licences, go to court or attend other public hearings and events.

GTA Prison 1.jpg

HMP Bolingbrook

This is where those charged with offences are taken by Los Santos Police Department, with the site overseen by Gruppe6. If you've ended up in here you will have been up to no good and it's perhaps some time for reflection. The facilities have recently been rebuilt (April 2021) after a fire broke out in the original complex.


Police Stations

The main police station where most services are available is the Mission Row Police Station on Sinner Street, Los Santos. It is here you can pay tickets, get details of a solicitor and is likely where you will be taken if you are arrested in the city. Police Officers work from the Mission Row Police Station as well as being the base to a number of other assets such as the police helicopter (NPAS), dog kennels and more.

Overall police stations can be found;

  • Mission Row (Sinner Street)
  • Vespucci
  • Sandy Shores
  • Paleto

You must not loiter or hang around police stations without a roleplay purpose, as per the server rules (G6).

GTA Pillbox Hospital 1.jpg

NHS Hospitals

If you have become so unwell that you've been incapacitated then you'll need the help of the NHS, friend or passerby to get you to one of the NHS hospitals in San Andreas. You can find them;

  • Pillbox Hill
  • Sandy Shores
  • Paleto

Just bear in mind NHS staffing is limited so you may have to check-in and wait to be seen.

Please also respect that hospitals, like police stations, are not for loitering or hanging around without a roleplay purpose as per the server rules (G6).