Farmers Market

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Farmers Market Exterior.jpg
Farmers Market Interior.jpg

The Altis Farmers Market is a Barn Owners one stop shop for all their farming supply's. Situated on the West Coast of Altis in a remote town north of Kavala, The Farmers Market sells the 3 main items required for a successful Farming business; Water Barrels, Potato Seeds and Bags of Fertilizer. The Farmers Market has a sister business located in The Poseidon held lands of east Altis in ______. The Purchasing Tablet is situated inside the Warehouse building in the little cornered off room to the left of the main doors.

The Farmers Market sells the following items:

Cost Weight Uses
Bag of Potato Seeds £100,000 50 1,500
Bag of Fertilizer £50,000 30 5,000
Small Water Tank £150,000 60 5,000

There is no ATM within the Market, however there is on on the road south of the Market that leads to the Farmers Market itself.