AR Weapon Cache

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The AR Weapon Cache is one of the most important storage locations for the Altis Police Service. It is used to store seized illegal weapons as well as standard Armed Response weapons. These weapons are stored in crates inside the main building. The compound can be found with in the southern parts of Kavala.

AR Weapon Cache Compound

Robbery Requirements

  • At least 10 police officers online
  • Bolt cutters

Robbery Process

The AR Weapon Cache is not the most complicated place to rob however is still requires some effort.

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have Boltcutters in your 'Y inventory' (these can be brought from the ) and that a minimum of 10 Police Officers are online (if there is less the doors of the cache can not be broken down).
  2. Head over to the Compound, once next to one of the doors, open your 'Y-Inventory' and select the BoltCutters, then press 'Use'. This will begin to break down the doors and a progress bar will appear.
  3. While breaking down the doors the Police may arrive and send in an negotiator. Robbers have a choice of either talking to them in the hopes of getting something without bloodshed or you can send them away. If the negotiations end it is very likely that Police Officers will attempt to prevent you for gaining access to the building.
  4. You will have to break down the internal doors of the building to gain access to the Weapons. Once these doors are down the bagging process may begin, this is done by pressing 'Windows Key' on the crates with weapons. This too will initiate a progress bar. These Weapon Bags are quite heavy.
  5. Once you have collected the Weapon Bags you will need to head to the Laundry in the Red Zones in order to redeem the Weapons.

Possible Equipment Obtained from Bags

Normally the Weapon Bags may drop any of these weapons, unless the person emptying knows the War Dog Skill. Then the bag may also obtain attachments.

  • Standard weaponry all the way from SMGs to Marksman Rifles.
  • Mar-10
  • Zafir
  • Mk 200
  • 7.62 suppressor
  • LRPS scope