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The AAN News Compound upon the Hill
The AAN Skinned Vans

AAN, telling the truth whether you like it or not. The Altician broadcasting service doesn't mask its stories or sugar coat them, they say it how it is, they get the cameras on the front lines receiving first class coverage of the events that unfold on Altis whether they're nice or not. Are you an avid creator? why not use AAN to help boost your videography career. AAN provides many great RP scenarios, its up to you to find them!

Starting off as an AAN Journalist :

  • Before you can begin your work recording documentary's and news reports, you'll need to purchase the 'Press License' . This is brought from the AAN News Headquarters North of Kavala. (There is a Cash point option on the tablet in the HQ to withdraw money).
  • Once Brought, you will be given Access the the AAN News Shops and vehicle Spawn Point. (Only use this spawn point if you intend on utilising the AAN Role). The shops you are given access to are:

AAN Stores

Van Shop AAN News Clothing AAN Food
Vehicle Clothing Item
Van [Cargo] News Team [Press] RPG Tips
Van [Transport] Hats Rabbit Meat
Press Helmet [Neck Protection] Red Bulldog
Press Helmet Baked Beans
News Team [Cap] Marmite
Glasses Pickaxe
Hipster Glasses Full Fuel Can
News Team [Press] Vest
  • Now you have access to the AAN News Shops, you need to purchase yourself a Van and buy the required Clothes.
  • also Purchase a pair of Binoculars, handy representation of a Camera.
  • You may contact the Factions and see if they would allow you to document them or have interviews, or you could drive around looking for accidents to report on.
  • Altis is your Oyster! If you make a video, feel free to post it on the RPUK Forums Here, for the community to see!

The Vans:



AAN Billboard.jpg

AAN Specific Rules:

  • (9.1) Using the ARAC, AAN or Taxi spawn points for any purpose other than the implied duties is forbidden.
  • (9.4.1) AAN members must be wearing the uniform while they are performing AAN duties.
  • (9.4.2) AAN members are not allowed to perform any illegal activities when they are in uniform. It is a purely role play activity.
  • (9.4.3) AAN Members are exempt from rule 3.4 when on duty.