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Factory Building

The Factory is located just west of the Town, Kore. It is used by the citizens of Altis to produce both legal and illegal items. The Majority of it's functions do not require a license, the only exception to that are the 7.62 suppressors which require you to own a Viper Information Pass.

Crafting Process

  1. You will first have to gather the required items and make sure you meet any other requirements. Then you can make your way to the factory.
  2. Once at the factory you enter the little house attached to the factory building, inside you find a panel. You interact with it using the scroll wheel.
  3. In the menu, select which item do you want to craft and then press the start button. After you do that a notification will pop up confirming that crafting has started.
  4. Now you wait for another notification informing you that the crafting is done. Once you get it you go back to the panel menu and press the "Status:Pipeline Active" button and press collect. This will give you your item.

Craftable Items

Item Required Items Other Requirements
Computer Chip 2 x Refined Silicon

1 x Copper Ignot

Computer Case 3 x Aluminium Ingot

1 x Plastic Sheet

Computer Screen 2 x Aluminium Ingot

1 x Glass

Pearbook Pro 1 x Computer Chip

1 x Computer Case

1 x Computer Screen

Spice 1 x Heroin

1 x Marijuana

Blasting Charge 3 x Steel Ingot

1 x Industrial Code Breaker

1 x Pearbook Pro

Suppressor Mould 1 x Gold Bar

1 x Plastic Sheet

Viper Information Pass
7.62 Suppressor (black/khaki/tan) 1 x Suppressor Mould

1 x Steel Ingot

Viper Information Pass