GTA:Blood Delivery

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How to become a Blood Delivery Driver

Blood Pickup Location

A Blood Delivery driver is one of the Few jobs you can become to make some money. You can go ahead and collect blood from the pickup and take them to the drop off found in Sandy Shores.


To become a Blood Delivery Driver you will be required to own a Blood Delivery License, this can be purchased from City Hall. Once you have the License you can head to the Blood Pickup Location on Crusade Road.

Delivering Blood

Blood Drop Off Location

Once you have the license and have gone to the Blood Pickup location. Head into the Hospital and go into the first room on the left. Immediately on the right hand side is a red Medical bag, you can collect blood bags from the bag.


Once you have collected them, make your way to a vehicle and drive to the marked location.

You then need to head up to Sandy Shores Medical Center, or Blood Drop Off. Once you have arrived, head to the front door and sell the blood bags.