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Santo [6264]
Altis Police Service
Rank SGT in kavala
Primary Unit DSP in Specialist Protection Group
Years Active 2018-Present

About me

Hi. I make things out of Popsicle sticks...

Altis (December 2016-Present)

The Psycho's (2016-Present)

The Psycho's were my second gang on Altis, during my time in the Psycho's I met a group of people I still play with to this day.

The Lost Cause (April 2018-June 2018)

During a time when a large group of the Psycho's took a well deserved break from the island of Altis, I found myself mixed with a new group, in this group I once again met a huge variety of people, some of which I still speak to, to this day.

Altis Police

I've have had many stints in the Altis Police, initially just enjoying the role of a standard PC, before leaving the service and rejoining and taking up a role in the National Crime Agency as a Section Lead then leaving again and coming back as a Deputy of Specialist Protection within the Specialist Protection Group.

Los Santos (February 2020-Present)

The island of Los Santos is my new primary home, it is from here I've founded my new organisation The Firm. I've also spent some time with the Los Santos Police front line division in my spare time.

The Firm