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The Art Gallery is a very simple but risky way to make money on the Island and here is why, even though the pieces themselves "could be" considered legal they can only be obtained illegally when the gallery is active you will see a purple "!" on your map.


In order to rob the Art Gallery you will need be in possession of the following item.

Item Store Price
Bolt cutters Market £7,500

You will need this item in order to break open the doors of the gallery, however do take in mind that the building has a state of the art security system and the alarms will go of as soon as you attempt to break in, sending a message to the dominating faction depending on what side of the Island you are on (Altis Police Service / The Poseidon Cartel).

The process

  1. Buy a set of "Bolt Cutters" from any "Market".
  2. Head over to the gallery.
  3. Walk over to any door and press the windows key and select "Break In".
  4. Approach the paintings and press "windows key" whilst looking at it to start picking them up.
  5. Once you have the paintings you will then proceed to the "Antique Dealer".


The art gallery will randomly spawn in any un-owned warehouse across altis and when spawned will be marked with a purple ! on your map.

Selling the art.

The art stolen from the gallery can be sold at the Antique Dealer in Kavala each art piece will sell for a grand total of "£250,000".