GTA:Vespucci Boulevard Police Station

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Vespucci Boulevard Police Station

Main building

Vespucci Boulevard Police Station is the home of operations for the Los Santos Police Service. It serves as the main hub for all policing matters.


Vespucci Boulevard Police Station has many facilities at its Disposal, some of these are publicly known but others are kept secret

GTA LS Police Lobby 3.jpg Main Lobby This is possibly the busiest place in the entire police station, people come and go here at each hour of the day to report crimes or to find a job
GTA LS Police Station Cells 3.jpg Cell Block The Vespucci Police Station has a state of the art cell block with enough space to temporarily hold Los Santo's everyday criminals.
GTA LS POLICE LOCKER ROOM.jpg Locker Room The Locker Room is a comfortable place in what the police officers can change clothing before and after there shift is over.
GTA LS Police Station Briefing Room 3.jpg Briefing Room This Room is mainly being used to go over major operations or to debrief sertain scene's this room can also be used for pres conferences.
GTA LS Police Station Evidence Locker 1.jpg Evidence Locker Just like any other police station Vespucci PD has a evidence locker in what all the evidence is stored before it gets transported elsewhere.
GTA LS Police Station Lab 1.jpg Crime Lab The Vespucci PD Crime Lab is the only Crime Lab on Los Santos, The lab is used to discover evidence and help further cases.
GTA LS POLICE HELIPAD.jpg Helipad On top of the Station there is a helipad with the ability to land and take off NPAS helicopters.
GTA LS POLICE GARAGE.jpg Garage This is one of two garages at Vespucci PD its being used to take out and store patrol vehicle's and to perform maintainance.