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San Andreas Royal Park Rangers
Park Ranger Logo.png
Abbreviation RPR
Agency Overview
Formed August 2021
Employees 20 Approximately
Legal Personality Park Ranger
Operations Jurisdiction San Andreas
San Andreas Sat.png
Size 127km2 (49 sq mi)
Population Around 29 Million
Overviewed by
Headquarters Beaver Bush Ranger Station
Agency Executives
  • Astrid Ryan
  • Jack Johnson
  • Jaxon Edge
  • Beaver Bush Ranger Station
  • Paleto Ranger Hut
The San Andreas Royal Park Rangers

The San Andreas Royal Park Rangers (RPR) is the territorial rangers responsible for animal control and safety across San Andreas, covering an area of 127 km2.

See below for information on applying to Join the San Andreas Royal Park Rangers.


Rangers Command

The Rangers Command is made up of three rangers. One Head Ranger, One Deputy Ranger and a Senior Ranger. These Rangers are responsible and ultimately accountable for the RPR. The role is very managerial.

Head Ranger
Astrid Ryan
Deputy Ranger
Jack Johnson
Senior Ranger
Jaxon Edge


Within the San Andreas Royal Park Rangers. There is two paths. One is to become a licensed hunter. The other is to become a Park Ranger.


Hunters are not part of the San Andreas Royal Park Rangers. However they have been giving a licenses to hunt animals from the Park Rangers. With this they do not get to use Beaver Bush station or any perks associated with the rangers. To become a hunter, you must first head to City Hall and buy a Hunting License. Once you have a License you then need to apply for a hunting permit. With the hunting license you can do jobs like animal culling and photography.

Royal Park Ranger

Royal Park Rangers are the hired by Rangers Command. They have access to Beaver Bush Ranger Station, ranger uniforms, ranger vehicles and a pay check. The rangers have many jobs.

General Patrol

The Royal Park Rangers actively support the woodlands, mountains, trails and fishing spots. They provide essential travel for those sick or injured in difficult terrain or hard to reach areas, and are also able to supply bandages and repair kits to those in need. With this they will usually be seen driving around in their supplied uniform and vehicle.

Population Control

Population control is used to identify invasive species and make sure they do not kill all other species. As well as wildlife that can pose a threat to human life.


The Royal Park Rangers receive commissions from taking pictures of the woodlands, parks and mountains.

Water Patrol

The Royal Park Rangers patrol the ocean using their supplied boats helping those that are stranded, assisting with shark attacks, and observing and reporting any criminal activity to the police.


The Rangers uses a basic ranking scheme up to Head Ranger.

Non Rangers:

  • Hunter: Is not a park ranger but can hunt and do photography.


  • Trainee Park Ranger: Is officially a Park Ranger in training
  • Park Ranger: Has passed all training and is a full Park Ranger. Most Rangers hold this rank.


  • Deputy Head Ranger: 2nd in charge of the San Andreas Royal Park Rangers and works with the Head Ranger
  • Head Ranger: The highest rank who oversees the San Andreas Royal Park Rangers.
The San Andreas Royal Park Rangers Ranks
Not Rangers Rangers Rangers Command
Hunter Trainee Ranger Ranger Deputy Ranger Head Ranger
Paycheck £ 30 £ 220 £ 280 £ 340 £ 400

Joining the San Andreas Royal Park Rangers

In order to join, aspiring rangers have buy a Hunting License and then fill out the official Royal Park Ranger Form on the government website and, once received, applications will be reviewed by the Rangers.




  • 4x4 Truck
  • Quadbike
  • Off Road Bike

Miscellaneous & Specialised

  • Speed boat