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Alfred [@alfred#7527]
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Altis Police Service
Rank Chief Inspector in Kavala
Primary Unit DSP in Specialist Protection Group
Years Active (2019 - present)
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About me

Hey, I'm Alfred. I have been a member of this community since early 2016. I have spent a majority of that time playing as a Rebel on Altis Life but made in November of 2019 the choice to join the Altis Police which I am still a member of.

As of recent I have been enjoying FiveM quite a lot and that is what I will be focused on keeping up to date here on the Wiki.

If you want to contact me do so either through the discord (alfred#7527) or the forums.

San Andreas (FiveM)

The Firm (2020-present)

Since the launch of RPUK's FiveM server in February of 2020 that is where I have spent most of my time playing.

Since the launch of the server I have been a member of the organization The Firm.

Altis (Arma 3)

Altis Police (2019-present)

I joined the Altis Police Service in late 2019 after having spent just about 3 years enjoying my time as a Rebel.

Kavala Constabulary

After completing my initial training I was put in the Kavala Constabulary where I quickly got to know people and started my career within the police, trying to work my way through the ranks.

In April of 2020 I reached the rank of Chief Inspector.

PPC > PC: November 2019

PC > SGT: February 2020

SGT > INS: March 2020

INS > CI: April 2020

Specialist Protection Group

Shortly after joining the Kavala Constabulary I participated in a open SPG operation as a PC. After thoroughly enjoying the operation I applied to the unit, got accepted and did my Basic Training to reach the rank of TPO.

From that I worked my way up the ranks much like in Kavala, ultimately reaching the rank of DSP in February 2020.

TPO > PO: December 5th 2019

PO > SPO: December 14th 2019

SPO > HPO: December 21st 2019

HPO > DSP: February 1st 2020

The Psychos (2016-2019)

The Psychos is were I started off as a Rebel back in 2016 after having only been on the server for a couple of months.

With time I grew to become friends with most of the members who stayed around, and 4 years later the group I play with is still to a high degree made up of people I got to know back in the 2016 Psychos days.