GTA:Fruit Harvesting

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You start with going to one of the fields. Press escape to go to the map, and find an apple or an orange icon. The apple icon is above Sandy Shores, on the North side of the lake. The orange icon is West of the Diamond Casino. Head over to the location on the map, and you will see tree's appear. Go to the tree and use 'Left Alt' to harvest the plant, you will notice you will get unripe oranges/apples. You can fill your vehicle by pressing 'Y' and dragging the product into the inventory of the car.

Selling the fruit

Selling fruit is completely within roleplay. For that you have to head to a player owned store, marked on the map as a shopping basket, or a player owned restaurant, marked by a flame icon on the map. Talk to the owner of this store and sell the unripe fruit for an appropriate price. You can contact the owner of a store/restaurant by asking for them in public, or giving a shout out on Tweedle.