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The Prowler is a Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) that is used by the Altis Police Service on the island of Altis. All variations require the Apex DLC to use.

Type: Car
Buy Price: £0
Rental Price: £0
Retrieval Price: £0
Sell Price: £500,000
Chop Shop Price: £500,000
Legal Status: Illegal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: 53
Max Speed: 170 km/h
Horse Power: 320
Fuel Capacity: 20
Seats: 7
Armour Rating: 80


The Prowlers on Altis remain part of a fleet of military surplus vehicles that were sold in bulk to the Altis Police Service after the civil war, the ability of the LSV offroad, as well as it's open tops design provide an effective firing platform when stopping fleeing vehicles as well as a number of other specialised roles.

  • Roles:
    • Troop Transport
    • Reconnaissance
    • Fire Support


The Prowler was originally developed in the United States for NATO special forces, designed to be air transportable and agile to enable troops to drop further from their targets and make the journey easier.


Its open top design allows all positions with the exception of the driver to fire from their seats or gunner position. This allows the vehicle a 360° weapons coverage when fully crewed.


Prowlers are currently the fastest vehicle in its class on the island, attributed to its lightweight design, coming in at a slightly higher top speed than the Quilin as well as handling better over rough terrain.

Crew Capacity

The Prowler has a seating capacity of 7 personnel; the driver and up to six passengers.


Upgrades can be bought from the Mod Shop. The Prowler Supports:

  • Up to Level 4 Tyre Upgrades
  • Up to Level 3 Hull Upgrades
  • Up to Level 2 Engine Upgrades
  • Up to Level 3 Fuel Upgrades
  • Up to Level 3 Lockpicking Upgrades
  • Can install a GPS Tracker


This vehicle is unable to be purchased on Altis, however if this vehicle is taken to the scrap dealer it can be stolen.



  • Prowler - Black


  • The Prowler is based on the "DAGOR", designed by Polaris Industries.


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