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Hello! My name is Jolly and I'm mostly known within the community as 'the guy who makes the Mocktages'. I'm mostly making this page to link it to the people who ask me curious questions while on the server.

Jolly [8462]
Altis Police Service
Rank Police Constable in Agios
Years Active (2017-2018) (2020-Present)

Origins and Early Server Days

I'd first began playing on the server around April of 2016. During this period I was mostly just logging in on the server part-time while the hype surrounding consoles was still popular. I rarely did many things productive, the height of interest being when I sold a stolen police car to a group of UNMC members for £50,000 (which they then immediately blew up. I liked those guys, they were very nice men). I guess this was what I like to call my 'Hobo Period'. And what does every great Hobo Period accompany? You guessed it! A ban. On the 17th of September, 2016, a new profile by the name of 'simon jolly' was created after said player RDM'd the mayor in a greenzone because he 'wasn't a very nice man' and was banned by Vladic Ka. And thus, a new member had joined a server he knew very little about, not realising that it would take him on a journey that would... honestly not do a lot to his life. But hey, I'm still here, so let's crack on.

Factional Freeroam

Altis Police Force

Soon after my unban appeal went through I decided to begin my RPUK journey proper by joining the police. The long standing and reputable faction that it was seemed like my kind of place. Applying in January of 2017, I'd end up shunted to the now largely forgotten Young Recruit Scheme, where I would learn the fundamentals of being a copper. Lessons such as "just because someone 'isn't a very nice man' doesn't mean I could rook bang them in a greenzone". Revolutionary thinking! After that interesting time I'd become a professional, fully-fledged... CSO. And after that painful time, finally I got myself a gun, I mean lots more RP. During this cycle in the police, I managed to progress to SGT on the old ranking system (equivalent to Inspector today) and moved constabularies twice. Firstly I was placed in the Athira [AT900] and fought a tough fight against superior and much more experience individuals to become Athira's Representative, before promptly leaving 2 weeks later to join Academy [AC900]. One of my favourite times in this community was 2017 Academy. A nostalgic time when cringe was much more accepted and when the Command was filled with living memes (CSI Owen and SI Dixie). I was eventually blacklisted from both Academy and the Police. Kinda anticlimactic really.

Recently in 2020, I was allowed to rejoin the police following the mass unblacklist. I also managed to secure an unblacklist in Academy however I decided to stay in Agios [8462] to see what they had to offer (Wouldn't it be funny if I said 'nothing'. Wonder how upset the CSI would be). I'm currently a SGT in Agios and the Representative for the constabulary (Ironic I know).

Poseidon Cartel

After being blacklisted in the police I decided to go dirty. So after rolling around in a field a while I joined the Poseidon Cartel. The infamous drug cartel that actually shifts around the same amount as drugs as Gold Command (On a quiet day of course). I made my application and was accepted around the latter half of 2018 (These dates are beginning to get vague). I managed to progress to the position of Henchman and stayed in the same family for the whole period, that being Triton. A personal thing I felt at the time was that the now Capo Nuclear (Baron of Triton at the time) pushed me too hard before giving me the rank. I thought he might've had something against me. But in a way, I'm glad he did. I grinded the game fairly hard of the rank, improved my aim and other in-game skills and eventually got it. Before being kicked for inactivity. But I'm glad I achieved the goal before I left. But still, could've been Capo by now.

Gangs and Groups

During my patchy move from faction to faction, I was in my fair share of gangs and organisations to keep things fresh and when I fancied stealing stuff. My first gang was Inglorious Bastards. While not being the most well-known or remembered gang, they were okay-ish. I was then incorporated along with some friends into the Stratis National Army. While again, not the most well-known gang, we found a lot more success, pulling off a few RP Internationals and even a Non-RP Treasury, which is good for a gang that lasted no more than 4 months. Since then, I've never been apart of any larger groups, mostly just sticking to myself. I was allowed to join Altis Film Company due to my satisfactory film making skills. Currently I'm affiliated with the Grove Street Families on FiveM. I hold the high tier rank of Family Member and I'll take this opportunity to call Felix a commoner.


First Era

I imagine here's what you're here to see, correct? Right, let me get on with it. Sometime in March of 2017, I watched a video entitled Dredd's Downfall created by ya boy joe which showed a somewhat prevalent concept where someone would find a clip and added tracking text to create jokes surround people and the community. A very simple yet funny concept. Inspired by this and a couple of others, I created my first era of these videos, starting with Jolly and Vicks Go Rogue and ending the era with the most successful of this time How UNMC initiate on NV1.... These videos were not Mocktages but more of an effort to emulate that of joe and the others I'd seen. They were rather ruggedly made and saw low to medium success.

Second Era

After ending the First Era of videos, I'd stop for sometime. Eventually, while doing my BTEC in Creative Media I learnt how to track text and decided to apply this to my own videos. I made a small test video entitled Quick NCA Engagement to make sure everything worked and the Second Era had begun! The first video of the Second Era was A Spicy RPUK Mocktage and currently ending with RPUK Mocktage #5 - Hobo Hijinks. These were where Mocktages really became popular with the RPUK Community. The name itself is rather simple to understand. The definition would most likely be 'A montage of videos created with the purpose of mocking those associated'. That's trademarked by the way... so fight me if you want. RPUK Management had been watching since RPUK Mocktage #2 - Return of the Salt and the videos saw their fair share of success.

The Future

A question I've received is whether I will make another. I've recently felt burnt out from making this style of comedy. I may create a different type of 'Mocktage', leading into the Third Era, or hanging up my hat once more for good. I'll see how things go. But at this time, I am the King of Mocktages. Which is actually a really interesting title to have.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Donations - I'm a lifetime donator on RPUK purely because it's a brilliant community that not only I enjoy playing, but I personally want to grow, which it could do with said donation. I found it difficult to make this funny, so I actually did it for a sick £160 Teamspeak room!
  • Events Team - I was invited into the Events Team by Nalurah and Dannv. To be honest I'm not 100% as to why, but I was grateful nonetheless! I've held a couple of events and hope to participate in many more!
  • Staff Team - I am also a member of the Staff Team. Further information has been redacted as I'm worried Wilco will beat me with a stick.