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Hello and Welcome to the amateur Wiki page built by, Harry White!!, on the Roleplay UK Wiki!

Hopefully as time passes I will begin to lean what is going on and how to make things look pretty.

The wiki is still in the building stage so areas will not be perfect but hold on in there and it will be built slowly.

Back Story

So to give you some back story I joined the community back in 2016 and went and joined the Altis Police Service. At the time my efforts were purely focused on the NHS so I worked hard, climbed the ranks and decided to leave at the rank CST where I turned my efforts to the Police.

After leaving the NHS I worked through the ranks and moved to the Police Academy at the rank of PC. The aim of the Academy was bringing people in to the force and coaching them in the right direction so when they received the rank of PPC they were able to look after themselves and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. After 3 years of being in the police and working up to the rank of CSI.

The Midlife Crisis came where I left the police and joined a drug cartel other wise known as Poseidon. I am currently an Enforcer of the Poseidon Cartel, I am part of the Orion Family so I am part of the Training team.


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