UH-80 Ghost Hawk

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The UH-80 Ghosthawk was designed to be the primary transport helicopter for NATO forces. It's now been re-purposed by the Altis Police Service to serve as an Anti-Air deterrent due to the sharp increase in airborne based chases due to the ease of access many civilians have to helicopters.

UH-80 Ghosthawk
Type: Helicopter
Buy Price: Not Buyable
Rental Price: Not Rentable
Retrieval Price: Not Retrievable
Sell Price: Not Sellable
Chop Shop Price: Not Stealable
Legal Status: Illegal
Weapon: 2x 6.5 mm Minigun
Trunk Space: 200
Max Speed: 300 km/h
Horse Power:
Fuel Capacity: 1360
Seats: 12
Armour Rating: 40


The Ghosthawk features 2x 6.5mm Miniguns (1 on each side) of the air frame and is only deployed during extremely dangerous and critical pursuits involving other helicopters. It can also be used as an armed transport due to having space for up-to 8 passengers in the rear compartment, however this is very rare.

  • Roles:
    • AA Deterrence
    • Troop Transport


The Ghosthawk sports a twin engine, 5 blade design with a rear tail rotor. Due to its previous usage within NATO it was also designed to be as stealthy as possible, part of this was achieved by dampening the sound of the rotors making it difficult to hear until its fairly close.


  • Armouring across the air frame
  • Countermeasure launchers
  • 2x 6.5mm Miniguns

Notable Traits


  • The Ghosthawk is fairly manoeuvrable for its size
  • The Ghosthawk also sports decent stability due to its rotor design

Crew Capacity

  • The Ghosthawk can carry a maximum of 12 people - 2 Crew, 2 gunners and 8 Passengers


The Ghosthawk does not support any upgrades available at the Helicopter Mod Shop.


This vehicle is only able to be used by the Altis Police Service. It cannot be stolen or scrapped, however it can be lockpicked.



  • Police Black


  • The Ghosthawk appears to be based off the "UH-60 Black Hawk".