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<Template Missing Role>
Capo1: Raptor Poseidon
Capo2: George Harris Poseidon
Capo3: Nuclear Poseidon
Baron_Atlas: Henry Atlas
Dealer_Atlas1: Greeny Atlas
Dealer_Atlas2: TBA
Baron_Triton: Stubley Triton
Dealer_Triton1: Kez Triton
Dealer_Triton2: TBA
Baron_Orion: Bowen Orion
Dealer_Orion1: Nalurah Orion
Dealer_Orion2: TBA
Lobos_Head: TBA
Lobos_Trainer1: Wiisy Atlas
Lobos_Trainer2: TBA
Lobos_Trainer3: TBA
Air_Head: TBA
Air_Trainer1: Greeny Atlas
Air_Trainer2: TBA
Air_Trainer3: TBA
Boat_Head: Kez Triton
Boat_Trainer1: Faheem Atlas
Boat_Trainer2: Hayden Tacitus Atlas
Boat_Trainer3: Kieron Orion

Outputs a Poseiden Commmand members name

Template parameters

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Position Identifier (See Template for List)