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The staff team is a multilevel team made up of players within the community who volunteer their free time to ensuring the smooth running of the server. Their main roles include moderation on all RPUK platforms, forum administration, assisting players and managing events.

Organisational Structure

The staff team is made up of 5 key roles and 1 internal role, identified by their tags on TeamSpeak. The system we use has a rank structure in the form of levels, all new staff join at level one and as they gather experience over the course of time they are moved up the levels at the discretion of the staff leads, which gives them access to a wider array of administrative tools enabling them to deal with a larger number of issues, as well as being given a larger number of responsibilities.

Rank Structure

Role TeamSpeak Tag Icon Responsibilities
Level 1
Staff Team Level 1 TeamSpeak.png
Assisting players in TeamSpeak and mentoring players ingame.
Level 2
Staff Team Level 2 TeamSpeak Tag.png
All of the above, running events, spectating ingame and compensation requests.
Level 3
Staff Team Level 3 TeamSpeak Tag.png
All of the above, adding/removing TeamSpeak channels and forum reports.
Level 4
Staff Team Level 4 TeamSpeak.png
All of the above, verifying logs and unban appeals.
Level 4+
Staff Team Level 4+ TeamSpeak.png
All of the above. No additional responsibilities.
Staff Lead TeamSpeak.png
All of the above, monitoring the staff team and dealing with any complaints about staff.

Other Staff Tags

Role TeamSpeak Tag Icon Features
Support Live
Staff will receive a notification when someone joins join for support on TeamSpeak.
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb TeamSpeak.png
All incoming messages are blocked.

Contacting Staff


In order to contact the staff team in-game, players in need of support should press "2" on their keyboard to bring up the phone menu. Select "Admin Request" click "Send message" at the bottom of contacts, and then include details of why they need admin assistance in the text box provided, once complete click on the "Send message" at the bottom of the message. Admins will then receive an in-game message and a popup notification to alert them that someone is in need of assistance.


To contact staff on TeamSpeak players should join the room "Join For Support" and wait patiently for assistance, players who have waited for more than 10 minutes are free to send a private message to staff members that are on the TeamSpeak server requesting assistance. If your case affects the server as a whole, for example a hacker on the server or an unannounced server shutdown and therefore is deemed an emergency it is advisable to message staff immediately upon entering the "Join For Support" room.


To contact staff on Discord use the #help room to ask any questions. Please refrain from tagging any staff members as they may be occupied else where. There is the @quote_for_emergency_help tag which is only to be used in emergency situations that put our servers at risk such as hackers


You can contact staff either by posting on there walls or posting a question in the 'Question and Answers' subsection of the forums. Here players and staff will aim to help you out and answer your question. Make sure before you post on a staff members wall you adhere to the forum rules!