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The Mayor is a position available to everyone on the servers. It is not a position of actual power but rather a position that is used for roleplay as a government official. To decide who holds the position of Mayor, an election is held.[[File:Town hall map.jpg|thumb|290x290px|The Town hall location]]== Electing a Mayor ==An election is held two times every month. Each election ends on the 1st and 15th and the polls are open up until those dates.
== The election ==Voting on a candidate is done in the [[File:Town hall map]], which is located in the north-east of [[Kavala]] greenzone.jpg|thumb|290x290px|The Inside the Town hall location]]there are polling stations located on the first floor. These polling stations are used to vote for a candidate. They will also show the message written by the candidate when they registered. An election is held two times every monthThese polling stations are also used to register as a candidate. When registering the registree has the option to fill out a message, showed to everyone who wishes to vote. To register, on interact with a polling station (using the scroll wheel) and select the option to register for Mayor. After this the first option to fill out a message appears, and 15thfinally the option to finalise your registration is available in the bottom right.
== The term ==
The Mayor holds his position for two weeks, between the dates of each election. During this term, the player who holds the position of Mayor will have a special title under their name tag, appearing as "Altis Mayor" in purple. This name tag shows up for the player at all times, both when they are in a [[civillian]] slot, and a [[Factions|faction]] slot <sup>[Citation needed]</sup>. The Mayor also gets access to 10 Kavala Street during his term. Meaning he has access to open the gates, normally locked to people in a civillian slot. The Mayor can also choose to spawn at 10 kavala Street.
== 10 Kavala Street ==
The Mayor has access to his own personal compund, situated in Kavala. 10 Kavala Street is named after 10 Downing Street, the residence of the UK's First Lord of the Treasury (normally the Prime Minister).


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