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If you are reading this then at some point you have broken one of our rules and have now been banned as a result. Roleplay UK is a serious roleplay community so we have very strict rules which is something that we are known for along with our very high quality level of roleplay.

Now you have been banned its important to understand what you have done wrong so firstly take this opportunity to have a full read of our rules, Usually your ban reason will be displayed when joining the server so use that to navigate to the correct section of the rules.

Please note that this is a punishment, not an inconvenience.

There are no warnings here it is “your responsibility” to know and follow the rules on our server. You have no excuse for not reading the rules as it states in our welcome message that you press continue on when you join the server for the first time and when creating a new character.

Unban Appeal Rules

Please note the following unban appeal rules before you start your appeal:

  1. Do not contact admins via the forums, discord or on Team-speak about unbans!
  2. Unban Appeals are the lowest priority and as it is your responsibility to learn and follow our rules, there are no timeframes.
  3. If you "bump" your appeal (adding extra comments) or keep asking; “when will I be unbanned” we reserve the right to deny the request.
  4. Any abuse towards an admin will result in a full community ban!
  5. The appeal is for the person appealing and the admin team only. Anyone commenting on an appeal  that is not either stated party will receive a warning point!
  6. "My Brother did it" does not work here, do not even bother using that excuse.
  7. Any requests that have an admin response but the player hasn't responded will be closed. You will have at least a 3 hour warning before this happens. If your appeal has timed out, Please open a new appeal with links to your old one.
  8. Staff will review your forum/game/ban history, and at their discretion may issue a cooldown on your ban before you may appeal again if they feel you have not learned from your mistakes or are here to cause issues
  9. Put a reasonable amount of effort into your appeal. Staff cannot get a decent understanding of you if you only type one line, especially for the "Why should we unban you?" question.
  10. Please tell the truth in your appeal, because if you get caught lying, your appeal will be denied, and you may be subject to a permanent ban without appeal.

In order to proceed with a Teamspeak ban you will need to post the ban message that you get in Teamspeak. You will also need your Teamspeak UID

  • You can find this in Teamspeak by going to the Settings - Identities
  • When you find your TSUID PM it to the staff member handling your dispute

To start please fill out the Unban Appeal Form in detail, You may follow the progress of it on the Dispute a Ban Forum.

Temp / Timed bans.

Please remember that Temporary bans are not appealable and therefor a unban appeal will not suffice.

I've lost my Forum Access, how do I appeal a ban?

If your forum account is locked out, create a new one with the word _UNBAN after the same forum-name you used before. So if you were called UberTroll originally and got banned, create an account called UberTroll_UNBAN to make your appeal.

BEWARE: creating any sort of alternative name or any other accounts after a forum-ban, and/or using them for any other purpose than your ban appeal, may be perceived as ban-evasion, and may seriously harm your chances of successful appeal.