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In addition to the default GTA game controls, here are a few more keys which you will find become common use.

Key Action
N Push To Talk (need to enable in Voice Settings - see FAQ)
CAPS Main Player Menu (Clothing, Animations, Vehicle Actions, Job Actions)
F1 Interface Options / Rockstar Editor
F2 Opens Mobile Phone (purchase from store)
F3 Player Inventory
F5 Information Menu (Rules, Controls, Wiki)
F7 Payments and Invoices
T Out of Character Chat (OOC)
Key Normal Action In Vehicle Action
L Locks your Vehicle
G Change Voice Level
B Points your Finger
X Hands Up! Duck under steering wheel
Y Opens Vehicle Inventory Cruise Control
U Ragdoll
K Seatbelt Toggle
H Headlights Toggle
- Left Indicator
+ Right Indicator
BACKSPACE Back in Menu Hazard Lights
Golf Controls
E Swing Club (Hold)
A Rotate Character
D Rotate Character
Y Swap Club
Key Action
CAPS Job Actions
SHIFT+B Panic Button
ALT+R Restrain
SHIFT+H Take out Radio
M Broadcast on Radio
PGUP Up 1 Radio Frequency
PGDN Down 1 Radio Frequency
Police and NHS Vehicle Controls
Q Light and Siren Controller (OFF > IDLE > ACTIVE)
1/2/3 Siren Tone Change
5 Activate double sirens
ALT Toggle Sirens On/Off
R Bleep Sirens
7 Change Light Patterns
U Warning Lights Toggle
Y Secondary Lights Toggle
. Spotlight
ALT+. Area Illumination
// Move Spotlight
NUM5 Activate ANPR
NUM4 Run Rear Vehicle Plate on PNC
NUM6 Run Front Vehicle Plate on PNC
NUM7 Trigger Failure To Stop (Front Vehicle)
NUM8 Freeze ANPR
I Set GPS Location to Last Dispatch
O Dispatch List (Left-Click to Set GPS To Alert|Right-Click to Pin/Unpin Alert)