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In addition to the default GTA game controls, here are a few more keys which you will find become common use.

Key Action
N Push To Talk (need to enable in Voice Settings - see FAQ)
CAPS Main Player Menu (Clothing, Animations, Vehicle Actions, Job Actions)
ALT Archies Eye
F1 Interface Options / Rockstar Editor
F2 Opens Mobile Phone (purchase from store)
F3 Player Inventory
F5 Information Menu (Rules, Controls, Wiki)
F6 Gang Menu
T Out Of Character Chat
X Hands Up!
U Ragdoll
G Change Voice Level
B Points Your Finger
L Locks/Unlocks Your Vehicle
Key Normal Action In Vehicle Action
Y Opens Vehicle Inventory Cruise Control
K Seatbelt Toggle
Golf Controls
E Swing Club (Hold)
A Rotate Character
D Rotate Character
Y Swap Club
Key Action
CAPS Job Actions
SHIFT+B Panic Button
ALT+R Restrain
SHIFT+H Take Out Radio
M Broadcast On Radio
PGUP Up 1 Radio Frequency
PGDN Down 1 Radio Frequency
G Command Dog
Police and NHS Vehicle Controls
Q Emergency Lights On/Off
ALT Sirens On/Off
1/2/3/4 Siren Tone Change
CRTL+Q Change Light Patterns
NUM5 Activate ANPR
NUM4 Run Rear Vehicle Plate On PNC
NUM6 Run Front Vehicle Plate On PNC
NUM7 Trigger Failure To Stop (Front Vehicle)
NUM8 Freeze ANPR
NUM9 Add To ANPR Watch List
I Set GPS Location To Last Dispatch
O Dispatch List (Left-Click To Set GPS To Alert | Right-Click to Pin/Unpin Alert)


LEFT ALT Eye Interactions

The Eye Interactions is used for most interactions with the world around. This can be done by looking at the object you are trying to interact with and pressing LEFT ALT then using your mouse to select. Watch this video for a more in depth preview of the system.

Eye Interaction Menu

CAPS Interaction Wheel

For self-interactions the Interaction Wheel is generally used. Press CAPS then use your mouse to select an interaction.

Interaction Wheel

E Interactions

Most interactions use the eye interactions above, but you may find some which still require you to press E to interact. There is always a visual prompt telling you about these. If you don't see the [E] you will likely need to use LEFT ALT.

Visual E Interaction Prompt

Server Commands

Either type with the slash in chat message (open with T) or without slash in F8 console menu

Where a parameter is listed such as [Session ID] - the value should NOT include the [ ] brackets

Example: /e [Emote] would be typed like /e sit

/carry Offers to carry the player you are standing next to
/crouch Toggles crouch animation - Default Key CTRL
/cycleproximity Toggles VOIP Proximity - Default Key G
/cruisecontrol Toggles Cruise Control - Default Key Y
/dispatch Toggles wherever or not you receive dispatch alerts related to your job
/e [Emote] or /emote [Emote] Character does the given emote (options can be found doing /emotes)
/e c Cancels emote/animation - Default Key Z
/emotes Provides a list of emotes that can be done with /e [Emote]
/emotemenu Opens menu to select animation/emote/walks
/flip Flips a coin - returns heads or tails and shows those around you the result
/frequency [number] Changes radio frequency to the provided value
/gangmenu Opens the Gang Menu - Default Key F6
/givekey [Session ID] When in a car that you have keys for, will give a copy of the key to the player with that session ID
/me [Message] Message that appears on your player - use to communicate an action to others around you
/nearby [Emote] Shared emotes to do with people near you - see /emotemenu > "Shared Emotes" for full list
/openphone Opens phone UI - Default Key F2
/openinventory Opens inventory UI - Default Key F3
/opentrunkinventory Opens vehicle trunk UI - Default Key Y
/openguide Opens Help / Wiki Page - Default Key F5
/ooc "[Message]" Quotes are required - to type a message in OOC chat - the whole server will see this
/playermenu Opens player options UI - Default Key F1
/pnc Police Only - Opens PNC Window
/radio Opens/Closes Radio Options - Default Key SHIFT + H
/radio_freqdown Decreases radio frequency by 1 (keybind available to be bind in FiveM Controls)
/radio_frequp Increases radio frequency by 1 (keybind available to be bind in FiveM Controls)
/radio_panic Panic Button Press - Code Zero - Default Key SHIFT + B
/radio_voldown Decreases Radio Volume (keybind available to be bind in FiveM Controls)
/radio_volup Increases Radio Volume (keybind available to be bind in FiveM Controls)
/recordstart Starts R* Clip Recording
/recordsave Stops and Saves R* Clip Recording
/recorddiscard Stops and discards R* Clip Recording
/roll [number] Results with a random number between 1 and the number you input, shows to those around you
/sessionheads Reveals ID of player above their heads for short period time. Cooldown applies after
/stream Enables Streamer Mode - Disable in F1 menu
/togglelock Locks/Unlocks Car if you have the key - Default Key L
/walk [Style] Changes the style of walk for your character - options are available when doing /walks
/walks Lists the available walk styles which can be selected using /walk [Style]
/window [up/down] Lowers car window up/down


Various shortcuts are included with the inventory to make certain tasks easier and quicker.

Shift + Left Click - Moves selected items to second inventory if one is open (car boot, evidence locker, etc)

Double Click - Uses item selected (eats food, applies armour, etc)

Setting the number to 0 will allow you to move all of the specified item at once, no matter how many there are.