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Type: Luxury SUV
Legal Status: Legal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: UC
Max Speed: 250 km/h
Horse Power: 85
Fuel Capacity: 40L
Seats: 4
Armour Rating: 4

The SUV is a civilian four-door, compact luxury vehicle.


The SUV is a vehicle that can be used on all sorts of terrain. It's good for off-road use but is also good at reaching high speeds.

  • Roles:
    • Off-road driving
    • Medium to high speed driving



Unlike the Hatchback, the SUV has greater clearance that provides the driver with a clearer view of the road. It is slightly tougher and less prone to collision damage as well.


It is quite similar to the Offroad in that it handles quite well while off-road, but is faster in terms of acceleration.

Crew Capacity

The SUV has a seating capacity of up to four passengers (including the driver).




This vehicle is available to rent or purchase at various locations across the island.

Purchase and rent


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