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<Template Missing Role>

CMO1: CMO. Jeffrey
CMO2: CMO. Phoenix
CMO3: CMO. Joe Cracker
NHS_Admin: TomTheDoge
November_Lead: CST. Roger Smith
November_Dep1: TBA
Hector_Lead: CST. James Johnson
Hector_Dep1: TBA
Sierra_Lead: CST. Zulufighter
Sierra_Dep1: TBA
Training_Lead: CST. Saccar
Training_Dep1: CST. Proxeum
Training_Coach1: TBA
Training_Coach2: TBA
AT_Lead: CST. Roger Smith
AT_Dep1: CST. James Johnson
AT_Sen1: DR. Nedezhda
AT_Sen2: TBA
RIR_Lead: CST. James Johnson
RIR_Coach1: SUR. Nik Kaden
AR_Lead: CST. Zulufighter
AR_Dep1: DR. Charles Vane
AR_Dep2: TBA
AR_Coach1: DR. Nedezhda
AR_Coach2: DR. Sou Cheng
AR_Coach3: DR. Alex Maximillian
NHS_WikiSup: CMO. Phoenix
NHS_WikiWriter1: DR. Norman
NHS_WikiWriter2: DR. Louie Austino
NHS_WikiWriter3: TBA
NHS_WikiWriter4: TBA

Outputs an NHS command member's name

Template parameters

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Position Identifier (See template for a list)