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National Health Service
NHS logo.png
Abbreviation: NHS
Service overview
Formed: 14th February 2014
Employees: 190
Legal personality: Medical Agency
Map of the NHS operating area
Size 270km2 (104 sq mi)
Population 54,586
Key Elements
Overviewed by
Headquarters: Kavala Hosptial
Service Executives:
  • Jeffrey, Chief
    Medical Officer
  • Louie Austino, Chief
    Medical Officer
  • Phoenix, Chief
    Medical Officer
Service Website
Altis National Health Service

After your Interview

All new students must patrol with an MTO or higher for their first patrol.

Score of 70+ (Full Student)

After your first MTO+ patrol, you may patrol with any First Aider (FA) or above. If no higher ranked medics are online on any server, you may patrol alone provided you have completed your initial first patrol.

Score of 65+ (Pardoned Student)

After your first MTO+ patrol, you must only patrol with a Paramedic (PAR) or above. You cannot patrol with First Aiders (FA) or alone at any time.

Section #1 - Rules & Regulations

General Rules

All members of the NHS are expected to act professionally, respectfully and provide a high quality of roleplay at all times as well as following some basic rules stated here:

  • Medics cannot charge a fee for treatments. Do not steal anything from any person even if dead, this includes money and other items.
  • You must ONLY wear NHS uniforms, vests, bags (You may wear any hats that don’t mask your name)
  • You must ONLY drive NHS vehicles (unless authorised)
  • You must not pick-up, carry, buy, or use any form of weaponry including tasers or smokes.
  • If there is an ongoing situation like a firefight, you must remain at a minimum of 1 km away from the perimeter of this situation. Best solution is to patrol elsewhere on the island.
  • You may not sell NHS equipment or give it away freely.

Server Rules

All server rules must be followed while on duty (e.g metagaming, powergaming etc).

There are specific medic server rules also.  These are:

  • (11.1) Medics are not allowed to follow gangs or police around. Please patrol the full island of Altis or whatever hospital area you have been assigned to.  
  • (11.2) If attending to a crime scene, do not revive or move any injured people without consulting with the nearest police officer. If there are no alive police officers in the area instead consult with nearest rebel/gang member. If it is made clear that you are not to treat any individuals then please accept that request and do not treat any indicated person(s).
  • (11.3) Do not rent vehicles or purchase equipment as a medic to switch to civilian and use them.
  • (11.4) Combat Reviving - If combat is in effect, or shots have been fired within the last 5 minutes, the area is not safe to enter for rescuing the injured. Therefore, you cannot revive at this time.
  • (11.5) You must not abuse your role as an NHS member to assist your friends in any way.

Revive Priority

In situations you must revive people in a set order, this is described below:

NHS members come first because more mobile medics can revive everyone faster. Police are second as they are able to advise you and arrest rebels if necessary. Civilians, rebels and Poseidon are equal priority, you must use common sense and revive whoever is safest, closest or has been down longest first. If you are in Poseidon lands and there is no police around then have the common courtesy to help Poseidon first. If police are around, then follow the normal revive protocol.

The revive priority is situational only, it doesn’t mean that you prioritize police across the other side of the map to civilians whom are closer, however you must revive downed medics as quick as possible!


  • You must be in a patrol channel (patrol 1-6) whilst on duty.
  • You must ensure that your teamspeak name is your NHS Medic name whilst on duty.
  • You must never enter active patrol rooms unless you are joining the patrol.
  • Use of Whispers in not mandatory however can greatly improve communications, efficiency and lead to an improved experience.

Driving and Flying

Rules regarding Ground Vehicles.

  • RIR specific vehicles can only be driven by a RIR Member.
  • High visibility vests are only to be used by RIR members when on RIR patrols.

Rules regarding Air Vehicles.

  • The red Pilot Uniform can only be used by members who are actively taking part in an air patrol.
  • All pilots must abide by NHS Air Rescue rules.

Do Not Revive (DNR)

DNRs or “Do Not Revive” orders are a last resort for NHS medics. They are only to be used if a player is either declared dead or should not be revived for a valid reason.A DNR does not mean another medic can’t help them, it’s up to the medics discretion at that time to accept the DNR or not. DNR’s can only be placed on a player. You can not DNR a faction, gang or area. However, if there is an ongoing gunfight and you notice it please mark the gunfight location with a time and GUNFIGHT.

You can place a DNR on the map, at any location, choosing ‘Group’ channel (so all other medics can also view) and typing a message in this format:

DNR - <GMT Real Time><patient name> -<Medic Name> - <Reason>          Example:  DNR - 20:32 Dave - Singh - VDM

Police/NHS Chat.

As a whitelisted medic you now have access to the Police/NHS chat. This is a text only in-game chat that both Police and NHS sides can read.  All communication must remain within roleplay when using this chat. Use this chat to coordinate your movements with Police as and when needed.


NHS to POL - Is it clear for us to enter the Stadium Fuel area? Over.

NHS-POL Please bring the wounded to Agios PD and I’ll meet you there. Over.

Remember, if police do not respond, repeat the question, use common sense, use your eyes and ears (remove earplugs) and move in cautiously only after at least 5 minutes have passed with no response from Police. If Police are not able to give an informed reason and the incident is taking place in Poseidon lands then please use the Poseidon dispatch to help you make the decision on if it is safe for you to enter.

Infraction Points

If you break any internal rules, a Medical Training Officer (MTO) or higher may issue one or more infraction points. These go on your permanent record, and if you obtain too many, you may be removed from the NHS.  Depending on the severity of the incident, you could be blacklisted immediately.

Common Sense

If something is not mentioned in this handbook, use common sense!  If you think your actions are questionable, don’t do it.  If you are unsure, refer to someone senior.

Section #2 - NHS Structure

Training Ranks NHS Ranks NHS Command
Student First Aider Paramedic Surgeon Doctor Consultant NHS Admin Chief Medical Officer
FA Badge.png
PAR Badge.png
SUR Badge.png
DR Badge.png
NHS Admin badge.png
CST Badge.png
CMO Badge.png
Pay Packet £18,310 £20,322 £23,752 £28,977 £36,375 £46,326 £59,205 £75,392

**You are expected to patrol for a minimum of 2 hours a month in order to keep your ranks. Click here for more information about being re-whitelisted as a medic and our Activity Policy..

Branches & Responsibilities

Once you reach the rank of Paramedic you have many options available to you. At PAR you can either be AR or RIR along with MTO or AT. At Surgeon you can be both AR and RIR. More info

NHS Taur.jpg

Air Rescue (AR)

Air Rescue have M900/MH-9 and the option to be Taru Trained.

Becoming part of Air Rescue requires passing an entry test given by an Air Marshall.

NHS MD 4WD.jpg

Road Incident Responder (RIR)

RIR Members have access to Hatchback Sport, Jeep amd Offroad Covered.

To join the branch you must pass an entry test given by a Road Incident Coach.

Medical Training Officers (MTO)

MTO’s are responsible for the induction and training of new NHS members so that they can become more confident and can become prepared for the next rank, they can also answer your questions!

Application Team (AT)

App Team members are responsible for the forum aspects of our recruitment


NHS MTO logo.png

Training Department

The Training Department houses all the MTO’s and the Students.

Once a Student is promoted to First Aider they will be assigned to another Department.

The Departments Logo's

November, Hector and Sierra Departments

These departments are for members who are either First Aider, Paramedic or Surgeon.

Medics in these departments are managed by the consultants assigned to lead them.

Seniors Department

This Department is for members who have reached the rank of Doctor, it is managed by the CMOs.


NHS Meetings occur once a week, on Sundays at 19:30 GMT.

Meetings consist of any important topics noticed throughout the week that need to be mentioned, promotions also take place during meetings. After Promotions, we take Questions!

If you cannot attend an NHS meeting for any reason, there are meeting notes on the forums!