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RPUK Groups

This Wiki page is designed to support gang leaders in managing their ingame group. We use a bespoke gang management system here at RoleplayUK and so we've put together some useful information about the functionality behind organising your members and their permissions. It's worth noting that several permissions and illegal functionality are limit to our core turf-gangs. The leaders of these gangs are appointed by our Development and Staff team and we expect all these groups to demonstrate a high standard of roleplay, with experienced members taking new, prospective criminals under their wings.

For information about our different legal groups and turf gangs on GTA, checkout the page GTA:Groups


How do I access the gang menu? --> You can access the gang management menu by pressing F6

Who can create a gang? --> Anybody that is not part of one of the 3 core whitelisted factions (Police, NHS, LostMC) can create an ingame gang. (People in these groups can still create gangs on other characters)

How do I join a gang? --> You will need to be invited by a gang senior. You should approach them within roleplay and see if they will take you in

Why would I want to be in a gang? --> Being part of a group, or family, of likeminded individuals may open doors to new illegal opportunities within Los Santos

What are the 6 turf gangs? --> More information about the turf gangs and their backstories can be found on the GTA Groups page

Group Permission Levels

Permission's that can be granted to each gang rank by
Permission Type Description
All Group Functionality
Admin Administrative Access to edit group levels, permissions and disband
Invite Administrative Ability to Invite players to the group
Kick Administrative Ability to Kick out players from the group
Promote Administrative Ability to promote players up group ranking order
Demote Administrative Ability to demote players down group ranking order
Turf Gang Only Functionality
Safe Gang Access Access to view the turf gang's item storage
Deposit Gang Access Access to deposit into the turf gang's item storage
Withdraw Gang Access Access to withdraw from the turf gang's item storage
Clothing Gang Access Access to equip the turf gang's coloured clothing
Weapon Bench Gang Access Access to use the turf gang's weapon bench
Phone Gang Access Access to use the turf gang's burner phone
Money Wash Gang Access Access to use the turf gang's money wash
Drug Processing Gang Access Access to the turf gang's drug processing and manufacturing
Gang Member Gang Access Access to speak to the NPC gang member

How Group Ranks Work

Default Ranks

So when you've made your new group it will start with the x4 'core' ranks which you can rename as you wish

  1. Gang Leader
  2. Gang Vice
  3. Gang Senior
  4. Gang Member

Adding trial or junior ranks

New gang members will always take the highest numbered rank (Level 4 'Gang Member' by default)

You can add additional' ranks e.g 'Gang Trial (which would become Level 5 and new members would start as this)

Creating more 'Senior' Ranks

From the default 4 rank structure, if you wish to add a new higher rank e.g 'Gang Assistant Vice' for example you would need to

  • Rename 'Gang Senior' (Level 3) to 'Gang Assistant Vice'
  • Rename 'Gang Member' (Level 4) to 'Gang Senior'
  • Add a new rank (Level 5) which you would name your old Level 4's name e.g 'Gang Member'
  • Adjust the permissions on each of these Levels accordingly
  • Adjust who has these ranks accordingly


When you 'promote' a member, it moves them one rank closer to 1 e.g from Member (4) to Senior (3)


When you 'demote' a member, it moves them one rank further from 1 e.g from Vice (2) to Senior (3)


See below a series of screenshots showing different elements of the group management system.

The main menu where you can manage your members, invite new members, or change the ranks
Change member's gang rank. You can only assign ranks that are below you

Assign permissions to gang ranks. You will need to grant each permission individually for each rank you wish to have it. (Please see above for what each permission does)

Invite member screen. Select from online players to add them into your gang.
Create, rename, delete or change the permissions of all your gang ranks.