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All Delivery Jobs can be located at the Delivery Hub.

Business Delivery Jobs

Business delivery jobs let you complete deliveries for local businesses such as 24/7's and dealerships for decent pay.

  1. Ensure you have a Commercial Delivery License
    • If not go to the front desk of City Hall and purchase the license for £15,000
  2. Get yourself a lorry cabin that can have trailers attached
  3. Go to one of the warehouses by the harbor (General, Mr White's or Import warehouse)
  4. Check the delivery job listings and accept one you'd like to complete
  5. Attach the trailer to your lorry cab and go to the location marked on your map
  6. Complete the delivery and get payed
White Company lorry

Fuel Delivery

  1. Ensure you have a Commercial Delivery License
  2. Find yourself a lorry which you can attach a trailer to, or rent one next to the Fuel Delivery board
  3. Start the job by going up to the whiteboard and clicking E - then start
  4. Once you have done this a fuel trailer will appear
  5. Get in your truck and attach the trailer by reversing into it slowly
  6. You will then get a waypoint and a timer that that will indicate the time you will need to finish the trip in and a damage counter
  7. Follow the waypoint to the fuel station, once you get there press E to deliver the fuel
  8. Return the trailer back to the delivery hub and press E in the circle that appears in front of you. The trailer will disappear

If you decide you do not want to do the mission you were given then you can go back to the board and click on cancel mission, this will remove the trailer.

RON fuel delivery

Shop Management & Order Generation

GTA:Shop Management

Please see the above page for details on managing stores.