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Car Delivery Jobs

When ordering a car from a player ran dealership there's a delivery process that needs to take place. This can be carried out by anyone, however often the dealer does this themselves.

  1. Ensure you have a Commercial Delivery License
    • If not: go to the front desk of City Hall and purchase the license for £10,000
  2. Find yourself a lorry (Articulated vehicle) which you can attach a trailer to. You can purchase one of these or 'borrow' one from a local near the docks or industrial area near the south of the city
  3. Drive to the Delivery Hub in the bottom right near docks, select the menu in the corner and go into Job Selection.
  4. At the top you can click a small button to view all pending jobs. From the list of jobs, check the ID and details match up, for example "1832 | Paleto Bay", you would then enter this ID at the bottom and click Accept Job.
  5. Now drive to the docks which should automatically mark purple on the map, you will then have to reverse the truck onto the spot to pick up the trailer of cars (your car of choice won’t be on the trailer it’s just a model)
  6. Drive the trailer all the way to the dealership of choice, for most you'll need to go round to the back and you should see a purple circle, drive into the circle and press E to deliver
  7. You will then need to wait for an employee of the dealership to accept your delivery and put the car into Stock