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There are two types of Shipwrecks around the island of Altis. There's one transporting gold, and there's one transporting antiques.

Quick Info

  • Two hours after the restart, there's a chance of a shipwreck spawning.
  • Each shipwreck will disappear after 15 minutes, therefore you need to be quick if you're interested in looting the contents.
  • You will need an excavator, bought in the market, to be able to extract any loot.

H.M Treasury Ship (Yellow writing)

H.M Treasury shipwreck is the one containing gold. When it appears, it's written with a yellow writing, so it's easier to recognise, that's it's the one transporting gold.


Gold bars worth £200,000 each.

Info about the gold bars

The HM Wreck spawns with 5 gold bars, and for each Police Officer online, it adds 1 more gold, meaning:

10 Officers on duty = 10 gold bars

And so on.

These Gold Bars are Sold at the Gold Buyer.


This shipwreck contains less valuable items. The map marker is written in blue to indicate it's the ship carrying lesser valuable items.


Broken Bell: £4,000

Old Gold Bar: £10,000

These items are sold at the Antiques Dealer