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The Van is a commercial vehicle that has found use across the entire island, Each faction has its very own variant of it including the civilians of Altis. The Van has many variants such as the Cargo and Transport. All over which however sit on the same chassis. The transport variant can be utilised as a bus and can be used by civilians who wish to operate there own bus business, however storage space is significantly smaller compared to the Cargo version. To drive the Van you must have the Laws of War DLC.

Van transport
Type: Van
Legal Status: Legal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: 100
Max Speed: 155 km/h
Horse Power:
Fuel Capacity: 18
Seats: 9
Armour Rating: 55
Van Cargo
Van cargo.png
Type: van
Legal Status: Legal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: 320
Max Speed: 155 km/h
Horse Power:
Fuel Capacity: 18
Seats: 7
Armour Rating: 55


The standard van can be used for a huge variety of practical purposes. This particular model features a long load length and excellent roof height, allowing for the transport of passengers, cargo, or even some smaller vehicles. Specialised variants are used by the National Health Service for patient treatment and transportation and other various utility services.


  • Personnel transport.
  • Cargo transport.
  • Medium speed driving.


The Van is a civilian multipurpose vehicle designed for a variety of roles ranging from transporting freight and/or personnel, repairing ground vehicles, or transporting injured patients to hospitals.


  • Has enough space for cargo while maintaining its slim profile.
  • Transport variant can transport up to 9 passengers.

Notable Traits


  • All variants of the Van are able to achieve a top speed of 155 km/h.
  • They have fairly decent acceleration and can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h in less than 12 seconds (while driving on paved roads).

Crew Capacity

  • The cargo van has room for 1 driver and 6 passengers.
  • The transport van has room for 1 driver and 8 passengers.


Upgrades can be bought from the Mod Shop. Both Vans Support the following upgrades:

Van Transport & Van Cargo
Name Price lvl 1 Price lvl 2 Price lvl 3 Price lvl 4
Tyres £100,000 £250,000 £500,000 N/A
Hull £100,000 £250,000 £500,000 N/A
Engine £100,000 £250,000 N/A N/A
Fuel £200,000 £400,000 £1,000,000 N/A
Locks £100,000 £200,000 £400,000 N/A


This vehicle is available to rent or purchase at various locations across the island.

Purchase and Rent



Van Transport Van Cargo
White White
Red VRana
Orange Swif Delivery
Green Scary Filth
GigaBus PSV Redstone Racing
Brown Red
Blue Orange
Black Green
Arma 3 BattleBus Fuel
G7S Daltgreen Mining
Blue Pearl



  • Ambulance (with life support capabilities unlike other NHS vehicles)


  • The Van is based on the "Sprinter" series of commercial vehicles manufactured by Germany-based automotive company Mercedes-Benz, a subsidiary of Daimler AG.
  • Unlike most civilian vehicles in Arma 3, both the right side door and the rear swing doors in the passenger compartment can be manually opened and closed by passengers.