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Hello, I am a game developer and am responsible for that rare weird update that you didn't ask for and don't particularly care for. I tend to know my way around most languages/ environments so, like with most people, if you ever have a coding issue just give me a shout on Teamspeak and I'll happily teach you how to do it or just do it for you to be honest.

I am also an ACC in the Altis Police Service as the assistant for front-line policing and the gold command member in charge of professional standards.

I also used to be a deputy of the following units so I'll still know my way round them if you need it:

I'm usually pretty friendly unless i'm working so any issues give me a shout.

If I'm not around and you need to speak to me feel free to message me on the forums here.

If you notice any issues on the Police Section of this wiki, get in touch and I'll see what I can sort out.