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Norman [@Norman#6009]
Norman N.jpg
Altis Police Service
Rank Special Constable in Agios
Primary Unit Trained in Special Protection
Years Active (2016-18)(2020-present)
National Health Service
Rank Doctor in Seniors Department
Primary Unit Tier 3 Taru in Air Rescue
Secondary Unit Tier 2 in RIR
Years Active (2015 - present)


About me

Hi, I’m Norman! Feel free to reach me on my forum profile or on Discord @Norman#6009

I'm quite a talkative individual and enjoying getting to meet as many different people as possible!

Altis NHS

I've spent the majority of my time on RPUK as a member of the NHS. It's the only faction I've been apart of since I started playing on the server.

Starting as a "Doctor in Training" (now called Student) I managed to work my way up through the ranks and branches to the position of Chief Medical Officer in 2016.

On my journey I've been apart of the branches alongside the app and MTO team which really helped me later on from a leadership point of view. Through my time in post I implemented many controversial developments from a rank restructure, 4 helicopters and 5 land vehicles new to our garage, introduction of NHS Departments, changes in branch testing and student recruitment alongside a massive redesign in the administration and 'behind the scenes' database side of the faction. I've had the opportunity to interview over 100 different prospective medics, play 3,000 hours as medic (many more spent on TS!), rewrite all our documentation and made dozens of amazing friends.

Even though from 2019 I'm no longer a CMO and am enjoying my retirement as a Doctor in the Seniors department - I'm still a massive advocate for all things NHS! So if you ever have any questions, wanna come on patrol or just want a chat feel free to send me a message!

Altis Police Service

My police career has always had to take a back seat due to my NHS position which is why I love the opportunity of being a Special Constable! I'm also a member of the Specialist Protection Group and enjoy playing a part in our proactive and preventative policing!

Previously I've been an Inspector in Athira/East Altis Constabulary along with being in both supporting units of NPAS and MPU. It's a great place to meet some awesome people both ingame and out of game and allows for some great camaraderie as you work together on operations or events. I'd definitely encourage everyone to give the police a go at some point!

British Airways

I was fortunate enough to be one of the founding leaders of a new startup whitelisted faction in 2015/2016 called British Airways (later renamed Altis Airlines). Although BA is no longer apart of the server, it was great to go through the process of managing our recruitment, documentation, whitelisting and people! It definitely helped prepare me for my time as Chief Medical Officer shortly after. If you search hard enough you may find some memories of BA (mainly our awesome aircraft) on the forums.

The Copper Kings

Most of my best memories are from helping lead TCK in 2015-17. We managed to become one of the biggest and most well known roleplay-based gangs on ALUK. By the time we disbanded we'd had over 270 members, many of which still play today! We were fortunate enough to help influence many development decisions such as gang bases, redzones, advanced weapons and also competed with and against the police and UNMC on many occasions. I'm forever grateful for my humble welcome and beginning on the server as a Copper King.


Having spent much time in Google Sheets being a faction leader, I'm quite fluent in Google Scripting and Java Script. I was also able to work quite closely with the System development team on our RPUK API which has proven a fantastic community asset that many have used in their own projects.

Through my CMO role I was fortunate enough to be able to support many administrative areas of the Police, UNMC, Poseidon and Staff Team with their own internal documents & spreadsheets and am always available if people require any debugging, support or just general advice on utilising the power of Google Scripts in your own projects.

Although a while ago I worked quite extensively on the AltisLifeUK training server and so have tried my hand at SQF and map development, I also designed our beautiful Kavala Hospital interior!

Professionally I have experience in a varied range of PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS and jQuery so am more than happy to chat about programming!