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Hi! I'm KingGodDiabloZ. I am one of the original Wiki Creators. I have been on since 17-05-2016. Within my time on I have made many friends and have reached many things!

Staff Team

I have joined the staff team on the 05/08/2018 and have since then reached the rank of Staff Member Level 4. Which gives me the main roles of reviewing Unban Appeals, giving out compensation etc. and be active as an in-game Administrator making sure that everyone follows the rules! If you have any questions you can always contact me on teamspeak where I am under the name: "KingGodDiabloZ" or on discord where my name is: "KingGodDiabloZ#1475". I see being in the staff team as the most valuable thing I have reached on and I am very proud of being able to be part of the staff team!


I have been in the police multiple times. This current time I have been in the police for over 13 months. I currently am the following:

  • Chief Inspector in Academy
  • Chief Training Officer in the National Crime Agency
  • Deputy Head of Recruitment Team
  • Trainee Specialist Protection Group Officer
  • Trainee Firearms Officer in Armed Response


I have been in the NHS since as long as I can remember! I have reached many great things within the NHS but nowadays I am mostly focusing on the Staff team and the Police.

  • I have reached the maximum rank of Surgeon
  • I have been an MTO for about 4 months
  • I have reached Road Incident Coach
  • I have reached Tier 3 + Taru Trained Air Rescue


Right before the UNMC disbanded I joined the UNMC. I have not been in this faction for a long time but I have learnt a lot when I was in here. I reached the rank of Private First Class.