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Type: Car
Legal Status: Legal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: 50
Max Speed: 250 km/h
Horse Power: 408
Fuel Capacity: 16
Seats: 4
Armour Rating: 30

The SUV is a civilian four-door, compact luxury vehicle with a powerful engine and 4x4 drive system. The SUV is utilised by most of the Factions across Altis


The SUV is used as the "Luxury" transport vehicle across Altis by many civilians. Some favour this over the Hatchback range due to the better handling even though it cannot reach the same speeds.

  • Roles:
    • Off-road driving
    • Transportation
    • Medium to high speed driving


The SUV is a vehicle that can be used on all sorts of terrain. Sporting decent handling and a 4x4 drive system to assist its off-road use. The power engine combined with the increased ride height give the driver a much better view of the road ahead aiding in high-speed cruises.


  • High Suspension giving a better view of the road ahead
  • Tougher body shell compared to the Hatchback range ensuring the occupants are more protected in the event of a collision

Notable Traits


Whilst similar to the Offroad in terms of off-road handling, it has a greater acceleration and a better Top Speed. Compared to the Hatchback range of vehicles it handles better at its top speed on all terrain and has a better breaking force allowing you to stay in control.

Crew Capacity

The SUV always has a max seating capacity of 4 people. 1 Driver and 3 Passengers


Upgrades can be bought from the Mod Shop. The SUV Supports:

  • Up to Level 4 Tyre Upgrades
  • Up to Level 3 Hull Upgrades
  • Up to Level 2 Engine Upgrades
  • Up to Level 3 Fuel Upgrades
  • Up to Level 3 Lockpicking Upgrades
  • Can install a GPS Tracker


This vehicle is available to rent or purchase at various locations across the island.

Purchase and Rent



  • Silver
  • Orange
  • Dark Red
  • Black



  • Ambulance



  • The SUV appears to be based of the X6 Model from BMW
  • The SUV became much easier to drift after the physics were changed
  • The SUV became much more fragile after the physics were changed