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| Image = Quadbike_temp.png
| Image = Quadbike_temp.png

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Type: Car
Legal Status: Legal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: 25
Max Speed: 80 km/h
Horse Power: 25
Fuel Capacity: 30
Seats: 2
Armour Rating: 30

The Quadbike is a cheap, 2 man ATV that is great for heading off-road and cross country. Whilst very versatile, the low price has made them popular with the local "Hobos" and are best avoided if you see one coming towards you.


The Quadbike is incredibly popular with almost every citizen on Altis due to its very low cost but very useful versatility. Whilst it is not the fastest vehicle, it can get down narrow side roads and make sharp turns with ease both on and off-road. Due to the very cheap production methods used; Quadbikes are sold for next to nothing and you can usually find them being ridden by the local "hobos" so be aware that the operator might not be the best driver you've ever seen.

  • Roles:
    • Transport


A plastic body shell with 4 wheels bolted on with the cheapest and most annoying engine you could find. The addition off-road tyres assist its ability to maintain its grip whilst you weave on and off the road. Offering no protection at all to the driver nor the passenger with its storage consisting of a small flip open compartment in the rear you can see why these cost almost nothing.


Has attachment points that allow certain Helicopters to sling load the quadbike

Notable Traits

Cheap - Almost free

Has a great ability to flip itself over

Allows you to feel the breeze as you cruise directly into the back of that truck ahead of you.


Slow but versatile - Handles well across almost any terrain at all. Decent handling allows it to make sharp turns and its small profile allows it to get down narrow side-streets with relative ease. Don't expect to win any races with it but its a solid machine for enjoying the many hills and dirt tracks scattered across Altis

Crew Capacity

The Quadbike has a total capacity of 2 people. 1 Driver and 1 Passenger.


Upgrades can be bought from the Mod Shop. The Quadbike can support:

  • Up to Level 2 Tyre Upgrades
  • Up to Level 3 Fuel Upgrades
  • Up to Level 1 Lockpicking Upgrades


This vehicle is available to rent and purchase at several locations across the island:

Purchase and Rent

Rent Only



  • White
  • Red
  • Hunter Camouflage
  • Digital Green
  • Blue
  • Black


  • White


  • The Quadbike is the only vehicle that does not require a license to buy
  • The Quadbike appears to be based upon the "Grizzly 450" ATV Model made by Yamaha