Poseidon Command

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Capos - The 3 Brothers

Capos are the leaders of The Poseidon Cartel. They take care of all the behind the scenes aspects of running the cartel and deal with any issues that arise.

Raptor Poseidon

Names Raptor. You may remember me from such roles as that grumpy Lt. in the UNMC or the one AVM you want to avoid in the NHS. I have been with the Cartel early on, watched it grow throughout and have worked my way to the top to take the Cartel forward to great places.

George Harris Poseidon

As the longest serving Cartel member I have been in the faction since its inception in July 2018. I started out as a Baron running the Triton family. I grew the family from a mere few people to having over 50 members. After just over a year of running the family I stepped up and became one of the brothers. I can be contacted in a variety of way to discuss anything about the Cartel, Applications or Operations so feel free to contact me! Forums Discord: George Harris#8074

Henry Poseidon

I'm the second longest serving member of Poseidon but I didn't start with a silver spoon.Walked through the gates an Associate on day one Now I'm the Capo funny how life works out init.Need me call me I'm always here.


Barons all have a family of their own; Orion, Triton or Atlas. They handle the daily running of the families and deal with internal issues. They also assist Capo's in making decisions regarding the cartel.

Nalurah Orion

Hello there! My name is Nalurah and I run the Orion family. I have been part of Poseidon for a long time and living on this island for even longer. Running the training family I enjoy helping new people become fully fledged members of the cartel.

Greeny Atlas

The name is GREENY. I am currently the baron of Atlas family. Before joining Poseidon i was part of a rebel gang called Altis Response and the Locals until they decided to leave the island, I fancied joining Poseidon Cartel and quickly climbed the ranks with hard work and commitment "I am now the Baron of Atlas Family".

Stubley Triton

The name is Stubley. I am currently the Baron for the Triton family. Before joining Poseidon i spent most of my time trading salt and was apart of a group called the UNMC until they decided to vacate the island off Altis. This when I decided to join the cartel and I have now been here for over a year.