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Police Academy was introduced in early March 2015 to replace the PTO system, having seen multiple changes in constabulary command, all of their ideas formed into what we find now.

Academy is one of the smallest of the five police constabularies within the Altis Police Force due to only accepting new members via a selective process, hand-picking officers that will be a perfect fit to the role of a trainer. Unlike most of the other constabularies the Police Academy Constabulary don’t have a physical HQ, their work is carried out in training environments and within specialized areas as they prioritize the training, testing and instructing of both new and experienced officers above patrolling.

Training & Test System

Template:Police Constabulary Info The current test system goes as follows:

Application --> Interview --> Field Training Course (2 day cool down) --> Field Training Test (5 day cool down) --> Final Assessment


The Interview is the first test you will encounter, it consists of a collection of questions made to determine your ability to follow police procedures and knowledge of the police rules. It's intended for the trainer to get a feel on what the trainee is like and how they behave in a situation.

Field Training Course

The Field Training Course (FTC)  consists of 15 questions that you will be asked with a majority of these having to be correct in order to pass.

Field Training Test

The Field Training Test (FTT) consists of two sections:

Section 1 - This section consists of multiple questions that will test your knowledge of the Police Rules as well as Police Controls.

Section 2 - This section consists of 4 scenarios based situations where you will be on the Police/NHS Training Server acting out situations that you would find on the LIVE Server.

Qualities that you will be marked on are as followed; Communication, Roleplay, Police Procedures & Weapon Management.

Final Assessment

The Final Assessment (FA) is a test where an Academy Trainer will go out on a patrol with a trainee and evaluate his capabilities in regards to the following sections:

Section 1 - Communications/Operations Protocol- In this section you will be tested on your communications and leadership skills. Your communications should be clear, short and snappy so that they are easy to understand! Leadership is another section you will be tested on during your FA, you will need to show us that you can lead an operation successfully.

Section 2 - Driving Skill / Reaction time - Within the Final Assessment your driving will be closely watched, things such as driving within the speed limit, keeping to the correct side of the road and reaction time will all be monitored. It is crucial you perfect these skills as there will be multiple scenarios where you are in a tough police chase.

Section 3 - Gun Management - During your FA you will be tested on your gun management. This will mainly include when you have your gun on your back, out but lowered and pointing at someone, You will be expected to be able to examine the situation around you and make a good decision on where your gun should be at the time.

Section 4 - Roleplay - With the entire server being based around roleplay, it is crucial that you can consistently show a good standard of it whilst representing the Altis Police Force. This should be always something you’re thinking about and it should be a goal to constantly improve the standard.

Section 5 - Police Procedures - Another crucial part of being a police officer is having a great knowledge of all the police procedures. As a police officer you are expected to do and know certain things (For example sending someone to prison). This will be monitored throughout.

Section 6 - Community Policing - In the FA, you will be tested on how you conduct yourself professionally and represent the Police, along with whether you do it to a high standard. This includes things such as how you speak to the public and whether you remain level headed or calm.

Section 7 - Terminology & Legislation - By the rank of PC you will be expected to know to a good standard all the terminology and legislation within the police. This will be examined closely within the test and your training from module four should’ve prepared you for this.

Section 8 - Language / Attitude - In the FA the Training Officer will see how your attitude is as a whole, with police or civilians. We will look for how you speak to people and the type of language you use. As a police force we are expected to be very professional and we expect the same from you.

Section 9 - Metagaming - In the FA you will be watched for any metagaming that may occur. Metagaming of any kind is a server rule and the test will be instantly failed if you break this, or any other server rule. Metagaming is using out of game information such as names above people's heads to see who they are and what gang they are from etc.

Section 10 - Teamwork - In your FA you will be tested on your teamwork with the police, not only with the small group you are patrolling with, but the police as a whole with the rest of the officers online at the time. Doing things such as asking your patrol partner to do thing for you and following instructions if someone else is leading an operation.

Section 11 - Confidence - In your FA you will be tested on your  confident you are as a police officer in general, This will include you how you approach and speak to people and your confidence in any decisions you may make on the patrol.


If you are a returning officer you maybe asked to complete a refresher course.This course is very similar to the Field Training Course (FTC) but more Police general knowledge questions.

How To Join

The Altis Police Academy is an Interest Only Constabulary, which means that, in order to join it, the officer must reach the rank of PC (in another constabulary) and then send an application/interest form. After it is reviewed, the officer will be interviewed for the position with a senior member of the Police Academy.

The Academy trainers are trusted with the training of Police Community Support Officers (PCSO), so, in order to keep the utmost professionalism and the standards the Academy requires, they are put through as an Academy Training Officer (Commonly referred to as "ATO Stage") until they have passed the probation. More details about it are given once you've been accepted into the constabulary.

Most active hours

10.00AM - 10.00PM Mon-Fri UK Time

2.00PM - 10.00PM Sat-Sun UK Time

Keep in mind that the Academy Trainers do the training in their spare time. They all have jobs outside of it so please don't message or complain about the wait times.


When you pass either the FTC or FA you will require a new whitelisting. This process could take up to a total of 24 hours to complete. If after 24 hours you have still not been whitelisted please contact a Superintendent+ of Academy.