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National Health Service
NHS logo.png
Abbreviation: NHS
Service overview
Formed: 14th February 2014
Employees: 190
Legal personality: Medical Agency
Map of the NHS operating area
Size 270km2 (104 sq mi)
Population 54,586
Key Elements
Overviewed by
Headquarters: Kavala Hosptial
  • CMO Jeffrey
  • CMO Phoenix
  • CMO Joe Cracker
NHS Admins:
  • DR Matt
  • DR TomTheDoge
Service Website
Altis National Health Service

The Altis National Health Service (NHS) in Altis was established on the 14th of February, 2014 and is one of the most vital services operating within Altis. The founding principles were that services should be comprehensive, universal and free at the point of interaction. Each member provides a comprehensive range of health services, free and at unlimited use for the citizens of Altis. The NHS is made up of hundreds of well trained, high quality, and friendly Medics who work day and night to ensure those that need medical care receive it. Working long hours on fairly low wages, the NHS are still some of the happiest workers on the Island of Altis, knowing that they are in a safe and secure job environment, where they cannot be harmed, and are warmly welcomed by others no matter what situation they arrive at. The NHS will provide some of the best times you can get within the community.

Organisational Structure

NHS Command

Current Chief Medical Officers
CMO. Jeffrey CMO. Phoenix CMO. Joe Cracker
Department: November Hector Sierra Training
Dept Leads CST. Roger Smith


CST. James Johnson


CST. Zulufighter


CST. Saccar

CST. Proxeum

Standard Ranking Structure

  • Student (STU): The ranked assigned to all newly recruited medics, they may either be Pardoned or Full Students depending on the outcome of the interview can be identified by having 'STU' printed on the epaulette.
  • First Aider (FA): This Rank is no longer part of the training department and is the first step in the NHS. Has 1 'Pip' on the epaulette.
  • Paramedic (PAR): The most common rank within the NHS. The epaulette as a Second 'Pip' above the one issued at the First Aider rank.
  • Surgeon (SUR): Surgeons have shown extended amounts of dedication to the NHS and in reward of that they have the ability to Revive people whilst off duty in NHS hospitals. They are distinguished by having an epaulette full with 3 'pips'.
  • Doctor (DR): They receive reduced costs to Defibrillators, Stretchers and Blood Bags whilst off duty as well as being able to revive people whilst in NHS hospitals. The Laurel wreath styled crown with no other additions symbolizes the Doctor rank.
  • Consultant (CST): The Laurel Wreath followed up with a Crown above it.
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO): A Pip above the Laurel Wreath with a Crown on top.
Training Ranks NHS Ranks NHS Command
Student First Aider Paramedic Surgeon Doctor Consultant NHS Admin Chief Medical Officer
FA Badge.png
PAR Badge.png
SUR Badge.png
DR Badge.png
CST Badge.png
NHS Admin badge.png
CMO Badge.png
Pay Packet £18,310 £20,322 £23,752 £28,977 £36,375 £46,326 £59,205 £75,392

Recruitment Process

Firstly, you will need to apply by filling out an Application Form. Ensure that your application is as detailed as possible and meets the quality standards. After submitting your application, a member of the Application Team (completely made up of volunteers) will respond to you via private message on the RPUK Forums providing you with the result of your application. Don’t worry if you get declined, you can re-apply within 48 hours, or after the given time-frame given in the application response sent to you.

If you pass the application stage, you’ll be invited to an NHS interview. There are 3 outcomes of an Interview - Failed, passed as Pardoned or Complete Pass - Passing this interview as Pardoned/Complete, you’ll be welcomed into the NHS and will begin your field training - this means that you’ll be allowed to go out on patrol with other NHS Medics to gain some experience, learn the job and be taught some useful skills. When you’re experienced enough, you’ll be able to go out on your own, you’ll receive your first promotion to First Aider, and with this you’ll get a few more vehicles, a nice shiny badge and you’ll be able to patrol without supervision and even supervise Students by your own!


The Departments Logo's

The members of the NHS are divided into 5 Departments: Training, November, Hector, Sierra and Seniors.

The Training department is home to all the newly recruited Students and the Medical Training Officers (MTO).

November, Hector and Sierra are the home to the bulk of all medics who are between the ranks of First Aider and Doctor.

Seniors is where people who have made considerable contributions towards the NHS, be it ideas and documents or have previously held a Command Position within the National Health Service.


Kavala Hospital


Air Rescue (Only accessible by AR trained members)

Road Incident Responder (Only accessible by RIR trained members)




The Altis National Health Service was established on the 14th February 2014, as a method of providing aid and medical help to the citizens of Altis.

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