National Crime Agency

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Who we are

Our role is to protect the public by disrupting and breaking apart organised crime rings within the region of Altis, and bringing those responsible for serious crimes to justice.

Our mission

Our scope ranges from bringing down a range of organisations that pose a serious threat our national security;

Firearms - Seizure and control of guns used by organised crime groups

Narcotics Industry - Focusing on the Cultivation, Traffic and distribution of Drugs

Serious Theft & Robbery

Money Laundering - Seizing and breaking ways criminals

Fraud - Investigating the sales and thefts of large money transfers with criminal intent

Serious Organised Crime - Shutdown of terror groups & threats to national security

Cyber Crime - The tracking of sales and misuse firearms within national borders

Crime Infiltration's - We also employ the use of unmarked units to disrupt organised crime

We also work closely with other agencies to ensure further protection of the civilians within the Altis region whether it be organised operations focusing on aspects of organised crime or the sharing of resources and information to aid investigations.

How we are run

The National Crime Agency is an organised unit of officers that can operate under huge pressures and adapt themselves to any scenario. Within the unit of officers, divisions are set up to ensure that the workflow and coordination of Officers continues to develop and progress.

Command Team

Ranking Structure


Operations Division

Led by the Director of Operations this sector is focused on the more organised crime sector with a focus on Proactive response and using intelligence gathered using our various sources and systems to stop large serious crimes from developing and harming the economic system.

This division is a highly skilled sector and is supported by small contributions from everyone within the Unit

Covert capabilities Division

A reinstated division of the unit which focuses on the deployment of unmarked units into strategic places to aid marked NCA agents. How this division is run with the ranking, recruitment and management of all aspects of “Unmarked” or “Plain clothed policing" can be enquired through NCA Command

Frontline Enforcement

All Officers within the unit should be highly skilled and efficient at their role, as a unit we should be able to switch and change our focus instantly to respond, downscale and neutralise any applicable situation. National Crime Agency agents should be able to take lead of standard frontline policing officers and strategize the best way to solve the problem.

We are effective as we tackle the problem as it occurs in some cases and deal with it in the most efficient way by avoiding hostile conflicts and should the need arise swinging them so we hold a tactical advantage.

Training and Development

Agents that are assigned and show interest in this division deal with the recruitment and development of new trial agents as well as existing personnel.

Training Officers are individuals who are in charge of Open/Closed showcases and training's within NCA. These individuals are tasked with training the entirety of NCA in their Armed Operations tests (Entry Test) and Spar-16s Training's.

Each week, the trainers will devise a scenario set out for the NCA Open/Closed to make sure that the future NCA Agents have a chance of getting in. These officers are audited and review by NCA command to ensure that they operate at the highest level as they represent the unit from a tactical and combat standpoint.