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The NHS Training Department (MTO's) are those responsible for the Training and Induction of new Students to the National Health Service (NHS);they are the main guides for any new Students entering the service. As a group, Medical Training Officers must work together, ensuring that any new members of the NHS are confident with their duty, and that they are settling in comfortably.

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Training Lead (TL)
Deputy Training Lead (DTL)
Senior Medical Training Officer (SMTO)

Ranking Structure

Rank Description of Duty
Command Head Medical Training Officer (HMTO) Overlooks the operations within the branch.
Deputy Medical Training Officer (DMTO) Works with the Training Lead with the daily functioning of the branch, they also liaise with Senior Medical Training Officers regarding other members to ensure full functionality within the branch.
Staff Senior Medical Training Officer (SMTO) Have shown a lot of dedication and have proven that they are capable of understanding their responsibilities. SMTO's can assist Trainee MTO's and once interview trained, are able to conduct Interviews for the NHS.
Members Medical Training Officer (MTO) Responsible for the training and inductions for the Students within the NHS. They patrol with STU,s and FA's and provide feedbacks on how to improve which is vital when being considered for promotion Also take out ridealongs for those who want to experiane the NHS first hand.
Trial These are new members of the Training Department and are being shown the reigns of the branch and are currently in training to be a full MTO.