NHS Application Team

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The Application Team plays a vital role within the National Health service. The trained members of the team are those responsible for reviewing NHS Applications and decide who is ready to progress to the Interview Stage of the Recruitment Process; in most cases this is not an easy task. The Application Team is a group of NHS Medics who are dedicated to promoting the NHS and expanding its member base. They are tasked with recruiting new medics, vetting the applications sent in by the civilians of Altis and making sure they meet the standard that the National Health Service requires.


Head of Application Team (HAT) CST. Roger Smith
Deputy of Application Team (DAT) CST. James Johnson
Senior Member (SAT) Maximillian

Ranking Structure

Rank Description of Duty
Command Head of Application Team (HAT) Overlooks the operations of the branch and deals with any issues that may arise during the Application process
Deputy of Application Team (DAT) Works alongside the Head to ensure the branch sustains functionality and also deals with issues with the Application process
Staff Senior Member (SAT) These members have shown dedication and competence within the Team and have now been given the responsibility of helping and moderating other Members
Members Member (AT) This is the main force of the Application Team. They are the ones who review all NHS Application and responded to the applicants with the correct verdict.
Trial (TAT) These are the newest members of the Team and are yet to show what skills they have and are still in training.