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Kavala, one of the busiest and most important places on Altis.

City of Kavala is a flourishing city, full of people working hard, running their businesses and enjoying natural beauty of it's surrounding peaks, beaches and hills, making it an exceptional place for hiking and sightseeing.

City of Kavala, as every big city is a full of criminal activities and organised rebel groups, one could even go as far as calling it a dangerous place.

Safety of the city and its suburban areas is our task, with many drug trafficking hotspots there is a lot to do. Always watch your back, never go alone.

It's important to realise that we are not here only to chase and catch bad guys, we are here to help people with their day to day issues. No problem is too small, no task is too big. Template:Police Constabulary Info

What do we expect of our officers?

City of Kavala officers should be reliable, positive, logical and kind, the action of our officers represent our Constabulary and the whole Police, they should always act accordingly to that. Sometimes an act of kindness can go a long way.

Command statements

It's time for our command to introduce themselves. These people are in charge of everything going on behind the scenes, making sure that the City of Kavala Constabulary runs as smooth as possible.

Chief Superintendent Josh

Hi! Im Josh,  I joined the police in March of 2017. You will probably find me flying in a helicopter. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message.

Superintendent Dave

Hello, I am Superintendent Dave, I have been in the police a couple of times since June 16. Kavala Constab is my home and I am always trying to find new ways of making the constab the best it can be.

Superintendent Kai

Hello! The names Kai. I have been in the police for over a year now and have no idea how i have made the rank of SuperIntendent. I mostly Dedicate my time to the National Crime Agency as i am CNCA but i do love a standard patrol every now and then. You can usually find me in Teamspeak so feel free to message me with any questions regarding the police or Kavala. Stay positive guys and remember to have fun! Kai ~

Superintendent Ali Barber

I have been in the police for almost two years  now and have no idea how i have made the rank of SuperIntendent. You can usually find me in Teamspeak so feel free to message me with any questions regarding the police or Kavala. Ali

Chief Inspector VeikkQ

Hi, I am  VeikkQ or if you want to be accurate you should call me CI broken English I can't understand you. I think my rank I just picture and my mental level is still somewhere between PPC and PC so if you have any problems or anything asks even who are you?  You can message me I promise you I try to answer your question or help you some way.

Chief Inspector Ant Arni

My name is Chief Inspector Ant Arni, you’ll find me on patrol!  I’m very open and friendly so if you have any issues don’t be scared about messaging me! :)

Chief Inspector Greenhalgh

Hi my name is CI Greenhalgh, I have worked my way up the ranks in Kavala starting out for my Prob PC days. I know whats its like to be on the ground patrolling Kavala and what its like on the island. I am alway on TS and Discord hit me up if you need anything. CI Greenhalgh

Basic information


In City of Kavala, we are highly focused on recognising people's abilities and performance. We do this through our weekly SGT+  meeting, where we decide who's should be promoted. We base our promotions on feedback from our SGTs, our own opinions and activity levels, therefore if your really want to be promoted the best thing you can do is go on patrol with a City of Kavala SGT+.

Please do not ask for promotions as if you do, promotions are just going to take longer. But please don’t be afraid to ask us on patrol or how you can improve!

Please note that it is very rare for an officer to get promoted as soon as they are eligible; showing exceptional activity and role play on the server is a great way to get our attention however!

Our SGT Meeting is held every Tuesday at 20:00 GMT (UK Time)

City of Kavala Representative

Kavala Rep: Ryker

Who to contact

If you have a report or an issue, please bring it to the appropriate rank you believe the issue is meant for. You can see examples of who to speak to on the following page.

Disciplinary issues should only be raised directly to the CSI if the incident is against a CI or SI, or you feel an SI has not properly handled a concern. Anyone on any form of a trial will be watched and any mistakes that we believe are not appropriate for the rank in which you are on trial for will be noted and used when deciding on whether or not you have passed your trial.

Be aware that the SI’s and CSI are very busy and cannot always help you, we ask for your patience and cooperation. Remember you can always talk to an INS or CI if the matter is urgent.