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Compensation Request Form Link

When can you File a Compensation Request?

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You can file a compensation request if you have been subject to one of the following issues:

  • VDM/RDM (Please link your player report thread - We need evidence to process)
  • Robbed in the Greenzone ( Please link your player report thread - We need evidence to process)
  • Client Desync ( Example: Someone desynced into you) Hackers (Please state date & time)
  • Arma Issues ( Random Deaths / Glitching / Flying in the air / Random Explosions)
  • Y/T Menu items ( Processed Gold / Drugs / Clams / Oil / Salt / Copper etc)
  • Unannounced restarts

However, these are the things you can't be compensated for:

  • Houses/Garages (They auto expire after 60 days of not logging on)
  • Requests of under £100K when you have more than 1 million in your account.
  • User Error ( You accidentally pressed the wrong button or you jumped out a window / Bought something without owning the correct Arma DLC)
  • Client Issues ( Your Arma 3 crashed - This is your own responsibility)
  • Server 2 and/or 3 going offline past 12am (Yes it will happen without warning and it is up to you to switch to S1)


In the event of a compensation request due to death, 'in addition' to the above guidelines, we require an unedited, uncut video that shows the following:

  1. Short lead up to the incident.
  2. The incident itself.
  3. The death.
  4. Bleeding out to death and re-spawning or server kick (Demonstrates no revive or friend picking up weapons etc)
  5. Y, player or vehicle inventory contents (if claiming).

Edited or cut videos that do not show the above will not be accepted.

Please provide a detailed itemised list (in the "Lost items and total value of compensation" section) of every item you are asking compensation for.

Please note that there must be video evidence of the item; items stored in the backpack cannot be compensated for unless they feature in the uncut video.

In the event of a kick, please try and provide a rough time or window so we can check if this was a mass kick.

i.e. 2:45 PM or Between 1am and 2am


As compensation requests take up a lot of staff dedication and time. Failure to comply with the above rules/guidelines will lead to an automatic rejection of your comp request.

Please note any compensation requests are carried out on a goodwill basis by our kind voluntary staff in due course, their decisions are final.

After reading the above you should know if you are able to open a compensation request if so then please fill out the Compensation Request Form

Once you have filled it out it will appear in the Compensation Request Forum so you can track its process.

Price List

If you have lost out due to a rule break that wasn't your fault then you must fill out the Report a Player form provided you have the players name. If you do not have the players name, then you can still post your Compensation Request

We are truly sorry you feel the need to type out a in-game compensation request, this community is ran by gamers and we know exactly how annoying and frustrating it can be to be out of pocket in Altis Life, especially when it perhaps isn't your fault!