Apart from the 'core' factions of Police, NHS and The Lost MC, we have two other types of whitelisted roles: player-proposed groups and player-ran turf gangs.

Whitelisted Groups

General Information

What are these other whitelisted groups?

To promote group and business based roleplay, the GTA development team are trying out a new idea based on feedback from the community. Whilst the server remains non whitelisted we are looking for strong groups and roleplay based jobs, groups and businesses to promote that high quality roleplay.

This idea is aimed at those groups who want to be official in the eyes of the city, whether this is a 3 man solicitor group with their own uniform and billboards or a multi-million pound recording studio, anything will be considered. Ideally we are looking to keep this to legal entities, rather than illegal drug cartels and illegal weapon dealers. Whilst we have a place for those illegal groups in the city, they wouldn't be recognized by the local government.

What is required and what support can I get?

A proposal, a plan, a high quality document or idea which outlines the clear goals of the group, advantages and disadvantages for the city. Any possible issues that may arise and how you would overcome them. Access what do you want from the development team? Do you want uniforms implemented, do you want specialist group only vehicles, load-outs, shops? Tell us all the details, convince us that this is something the city needs and the city will benefit from.

You'll receive support from the local government. You'll also have development team support, assets and time. This is something we will look at on a case by case basis - based on your proposal.

How do I go about proposing a group?
Whilst we greatly appreciate the effort put in by community members, group proposals are closed until further notice due to the high amount submitted. 

Get together with some like-minded people, ask opinions, do some market research in character etc. Write up your plans, proposals and requirements and submit them via the forums to Recon9. From here, depending on the affect it will have on the city, it will be considered by Developers, Management and other relevant people. Everything is communicated to you, and you are kept in the loop for reasoning, counter proposals etc.

Current Groups

Los Santos Police Service


The Los Santos Police Service (LSPS) is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement across San Andreas, covering an area of 127 km2.

Find out more about the LSPS and how to apply.

National Health Service


The Los Santos National Health Service (NHS) was established on the 20th of February, 2020 and is one of the most vital services operating within Los Santos. The LS NHS has the following mission Statement "Los Santos National Health Service is committed to providing the best service we can to the community through the preservation of life and the environment by providing excellence in response, prevention, education and training." The NHS are still some of the happiest workers in Los Santos, knowing that they are in a safe and secure working environment, where they are cared for, and are warmly welcomed by others no matter what situation they arrive at. The NHS will provide some of the best times you can get within the community.

Find out more about the NHS and how to apply.

The Lost MC


The Lost began in 1964 with eight U.S. Marines who met in Hanoi, North Vietnam. After the war ended, they had a continued thirst for the drugs the military had hooked them on and the violence they experienced. They started a motorcycle club and named it ‘The Lost’ in honour of their fallen comrades. Since then 'The Lost' has had a troubled path. A long and bloody war with The Angels of Death MC, which raged across several states which was quickly followed by a brutal conflict from within has left many of its members dead, or missing with the president changing hands frequently.

The discipline of honour, loyalty and respect was all but forgotten along the way.

Find out more or reach out to them within roleplay.

Gruppe6 Private Security


Gruppe 6 is a Private Security Company operating within Los Santos & Blaine County specialising in both Corporate Security & Prison Management. We currently provide security as well as prison management & prisoner transportation for Los Santos' Bolingbroke Penitentiary, ensuring that convicts are securely locked up and away from the public. All of our Security Officers have passed an exhaustive hiring process, complete with background checks & drug testing, and provided with comprehensive training to ensure that they are able to provide services of the highest quality. We work with Los Santos Police Service in the handling of convicted criminals, ensuring that convicts are transported safely & securely from Police Stations to the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. We also manage Bolingbroke Penitentiary as a whole, keeping inmates in line and accounting for their welfare, as well as enabling visitation for inmates from family & friends. We have plans for the future involving the transportation of valuables.

Find out more or apply here.

Weasel News


Everyone's favorite news network is here. Weazel News is coming in your eye, or ear, whichever you prefer. Front line for the latest scoop, all the intel, salacious gossip, travel and weather updates. If you’ve heard it, I can guarantee you, we heard it first and it’s probably already on Tweedle. We are here to report the news as it happens, as it evolves and cover events. There will be a regular presence of Weazel News in the city from now on, don’t want it documented? Then don’t do it in public! (even then you're probably not even safe). Kindly sponsored by The Sinclair Trust, we have just been given our own offices. State of the art cameras, the worlds largest boom mic, and for those with less dexterity, a hand-held mic. So we are not mistaken, you will see us in high-vis jackets or media bullet proof vests, detailed with our logo’s, beware imposters (the true bringers of fake news)

Find out more or reach out to them within roleplay.

Richards Majestic Production


Richards Majestic Productions is a film production studio that operates in Backlot City, Los Santos. It has created several classic films for the Vinewood film industry, including legends such as The Shoulder of Orion II and the Vinewood Zombie. John Callaghan is accepting film contracts from members of the general public to provide the City of Los Santos with unique content, to arrange a film production, Mr Callaghan can be contacted on #640-8743 - the studio have already produced videos for many groups and businesses which can be viewed on the link below. John Callaghan states he is looking for more employees to join Richard Majestic Productions.

Find out more or reach out to them within roleplay.

San Andreas Royal Park Rangers


The San Andreas Royal Park Rangers are the wild life experts. They work together as a team to help people out in the dangerous wilderness of San Andreas. Fighting Cougars and controlling invasive species and stopping illegal poachers. While helping anyone who finds them self wondering the forests alone. The San Andreas Royal Parks are happy to take anyone with a clean record and a will to do good.

Find out more or reach out to them within roleplay.

Turf Gangs

The Turf Gangs are semi-whitelisted player ran groups with certain in-game benefits intended to provide high quality roleplay. For gang management information click here.

Marabunta Grande


The Marabunta Grande have been quietly linked with the cartel for several years. Being the cartels puppets along the Senora Desert trade route, they are mostly made up of crazy blood hungry Salvadorans who ask questions later. Not shy of torturing and slaughtering those who get in the way of their business they have now allied with The Aztecas, but rumour has it, they prefer to keep their enemies close. After all two gangs after the same bounty while both trying to please the cartel, can’t stay allied forever. Marabunta are currently at war with the Triads, the two gangs came head to head over a turf war, Marabunta Grande being extremely territorial kidnapped the leader of the Triads and it’s rumoured they tortured him for around two weeks before his unrecognisable body was left with a bow on the doorstep of The Triads turf near Vespucci Beach. The Marabunta Grande identified by their blue colours, like to refer to themselves as ‘wolves’ stalking and often playing with their prey. They are often covered in tattoos from the neck up, forever masking their identity. Masters at getting away with murder, they have some long standing members, who have yet to pay for their despicable and often sickening crimes.

Grove Street


Grove street also identified as ‘Families’ Are now back to residing in their home territory, Grove street. Reclaiming their street was a victory in itself amidst their long and bitter feud with the Ballas. Although their numbers considered to be dwindling after recent events where several members were gunned down by Ballas and Vagos alike, Grove Street, identified by their green gang colours, are often seen standing around their turf involving themselves in illicit activities, they also like to park up in their green low-riders kitted out in hydraulics and are trying to find ways to get closer to the cartel. Since they are now back in their home turf, they find themselves precariously sandwiched between The Ballas new turf, and now their new enemies, The Vagos. After several Vagos members where slaughtered during the large scale gang-war between Grove and the Ballas. They have yet to find a solution to settle their differences with the yellow clad Mexicans who live next door.



The Triads 三合会 are Chinese nationals, currently residing in the China town district of Los Santos near Vespucci Beach. They regard themselves as an extremely close family although not all of them are blood-related. They abide by a strict moral code that they have passed down through generations since the original members came from the Chinese Crime Syndicate. They prefer to spend their time training in hand to hand combat, and creating their own drugs of choice to harness a bountiful living at the expense of others. Although now leaderless after the recent kidnapping by Marabunta Grande, the Triads are actively at war with them. Their bold and brash red gang colours emblazoned with a Chinese dragon are a little distraction while they bide their time. Replenishing their ranks and they are out for blood, but undoubtedly, will do it with the finesse and planning you would expect from none other than these Chinese assassins.



The Ballas, most commonly known for their active feud with Grove Street members, are now residing in their new turf in Strawberry/Innocence blvd. Albeit a sore loss since losing their control of Grove street Av, they are happily operating in and out of their new properties and gang house, where they spend a lot of time ‘baking’ and mixing various auto-flowering cannabis strains to find that perfect high. Since being turfed out of Grove street post war, Identified by their purple colours, The Ballas have become amicable with The Vagos, finding mutual ground with how Grove dealt with recent events, labelling them as ‘gun-ho’ and power hungry killing whoever gets in the way regardless of alliance. Although they may come across high as kites while flashing their latest chains and cars, The Ballas are notoriously ruthless, it is rumoured they allowed Grove street to retake their cul-de-sac just so they know just where their enemy will always be. The Ballas have also recently found neutral ground with The Vagos since discovering The Azetcas have been heavily involved in arms dealing after stealing from the cartel, taking custom away from the gangs residing in the south side of the city.



Despite their street thug appearance, The Vagos are in fact closely tied with the cartel and are heavily involved in drug trafficking. They are a multinational group, with most of them being made up of illegally residing Mexicans. The Vagos have a long running feud with The Aztecas, after forcing them out of the city with their tail between their legs for underground arms deals in the south side. Identified by their yellow clothing, and calling themselves ‘The Yellow Bandits’ a large portion of the original Vagos members are now incarcerated, but their drug ring is still being run from prison. Once mutual with Grove street they now find themselves a leader down after he was shot and killed by Grove, but since their hierarchy is flat but highly competitive, there is always someone ready to take over the leadership, leaving us all who guessing, who’s it gonna’ be



The Aztecas, rumoured to have been around stretching as far back at the 1940’s, have a very strict and aged hierarchy. Like the Vagos, they are mostly made up of Mexican decent. Identified by their vibrant turquoise gang colours, they are actively at war with The Vagos, by whom they have been exiled from the city, out smarted and out-gunned by their younger more agile enemy they have now settled in at Sandy Shores, leaderless and squatting in abandoned buildings, they have set down roots, infiltrating the trade routes of the Senora Desert to disrupt the active trading of the cartel and thus interfering with the flow of arms and drugs being distributed into Los Santos. It is here they found themselves a new mutual acquaintance within the Marabunta Grande, but how long can this alliance last? And will it last under new leadership?