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Scuba Steve's Stall in Pyrgos

Whether your dive for leisure or for money. The Diving Shops store the lasted equipment in order for you to explore the ocean depths with ease and comfort. Much of the equipment they sell is ex-military, therefore of the highest quality. There are 2 branches of the Diving Store on Altis, 1 in Kavala and one in Pyrgos. Scuba Steve owns both of these shops. The Altisian Government require Divers to own the Diving License, available from the Diving Shop itself and the DVLA. Steve doesn't` have a card machine so you must pay in cash.

Scuba Steve's Diving Shop

Item Price
Wesuit [NATO] £2,000
Item Price
Diving Goggles £0
Diving Goggles [NATO] £500
Diving Goggles [CSAT] £500
Item Price
Rebreather [NATO] £5,000
Rebreather [CSAT] £5,000