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The DVLA, formally known as the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency is where the civilians of Altis purchase licenses to allow the purchase of vehicles and other licenses for other aspects and services. Before purchasing some items you will be required to purchase a license, once purchased they aren't required to be re-bought unless they have been removed and voided by the Altis Police Service. This can happen due to multiple factors such as using the license to carry out or aid in illegal duties, or if the holder of the license is no longer fit to carry it.


Below is a list of licenses available for purchase at the DVLA:

License Cost Usage
Drivers License £5,000 Allows the purchase of Vehicles
Boating License £10,000 Allows the purchase of Boats from the Boat Store
Truck License £20,000 Allows the Purchase of Trucks from the Truck Shop
Pilots License £20,000 Allows the purchase of Aircraft from the Aviation Dealership and Con Air.
Firearm License £50,000 Allows the purchase of Legal Weaponry from the Hand Gun Store also allows you to legally carry a Legal Firearm.
Home License £75,000 Allows the purchase of properties
AAN News Jpournalist Pass £300,000 Allows the beholder access to the AAN News Shop on top of the hill of Magos
Altis Bus Driver £500,000 Allows the user to purchase the Altis Bus Skin and operate a bus service across Altis.


The DVLA has branches in the 4 Major cities on Altis

In order to purchase any licence from the DVLA you must have Money on your person. (Controls will explain this in more detail) This money needs to be withdrawn from an ATM.