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(Claimed Mayor)
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|Just started
|Just started
|[[Mayor]]||Unclaimed||Not started
|[[Mayor]]||Nomad||Just started
|[[Shipwrecks]]||Unclaimed||Not started
|[[Shipwrecks]]||Unclaimed||Not started

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This talk page is currently used to claim pages that are set for editing by wiki administrators.

These are not the only pages that need work, editors should still work on other pages identified by the maintenance categories.

Priority pages

Editing Needed
Page Editor Status
Tractor Unclaimed Not Started
Profession Snuffles Just started
Mayor Nomad Just started
Shipwrecks Unclaimed Not started
Runs Unclaimed Not started
Page Editor Status
Laundry JordaN GooD Complete
RBA Treasury Dexter Complete
Art Gallery Faheem Complete
Antique Dealer Faheem Complete
Post Office Faheem Complete
The Continental Snuffles Complete
Altis Metal Exports Snuffles Complete
Platinum Buyer Snuffles Complete
Boat Mod Shop Unclaimed Complete
Properties Unclaimed Complete