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Jump to navigation Jump to search gives you access to a extensive animation library to enhance your roleplay with.

There are multiple ways to play both 'ambient' and 'action' animations, 3 ways in fact:

Radial Animation Menu

The Radial Animation Menu gives you quick access to a collection of commonly used animations. All you need to do is hold the CAPS key and click with your cursor on the action you want to perform.

GTA animations radial transparent.png

F1 Animation Menu

The F1 Animation Menu gives you access to a much larger selection of animations, but in a slightly harder to reach area.

Press the F1 key and press ENTER with Animations selected in the menu. You can now choose from a much larger selection of animations, all sorted into different categories.

GTA animations f1.jpg

'/e' Animations

The '/e' Animations add even more variety than the F1 Animations Menu already do. It is also a quicker and more convenient way to play certain animations you might use a lot, but are not available in the Radial Animation Menu.

Open the chat by pressing T, then type /e (animation name). To cancel the animation, or delete a prop it might have spawned, type the same command in chat again.

GTA Animations -e.jpg

All '/e' Animations
/e aim
/e aim2
/e box
/e brief
/e brief2
/e bum
/e callphone
/e cheer
/e cig
/e cigar
/e cigar2
/e copcrowd
/e copcrowd2
/e copidle
/e damn
/e dead
/e fail
/e finger
/e finger2
/e foldarms
/e foldarms2
/e gang1
/e gang2
/e grabcrotch
/e guard
/e holdcig
/e holdcigar
/e holdjoint
/e holster
/e joint
/e leanwall
/e no
/e notes
/e palm
/e peace
/e pickbutt
/e salute
/e slowclap
/e surrender
/e umbrella