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Traders are markets in protected areas that survivors can use to buy and sell items found around the map. Players are fully protected from damage when inside these zones and for thirty seconds after leaving the area. The types of item that players can buy from the traders depends on which NPC they look at when opening the menu.

Green Mountain

The Green Mountain trader is found 1.2km north-east of Zelenogorsk (Зеленогoрск). It is most distinguishable by its radio tower, which is the tallest structure in Chernarus.

Green Mountain is a popular location for survivors and bandits who perform loot runs to Tisy and Northwest Airfield due to its convenient location relative to both.

Location of the Green Mountain trader

Guglovo/Kumyrna Trader

Guglovo trader is found 0.7km south of the Guglovo village in Kumyrna. Unlike Green Mountain, the Guglovo Trader is used more by fresh spawns than geared players because of its proximity to the centre of the coast. Guglovo Trader is much more hidden than Green Mountain, with no specific landmarks defining it.

Location of the Guglovo trader